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   Chapter 36 Sleeping peacefully

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Updated: 2020-05-04 09:12

Owen's POV

I sat next to her at the bedside looking at her magical face which has done something to me. I removed my tux and shirt and slipped in the bed next to her again kicking her teddy and this time I made sure it falls from the bed away from my Nancy. Only I can her, only I can be her teddy.

The moment I hugged her from back she immediately turned face to me and hugged me like she hugs her teddy and slept.

I thought that she will wake up but she didn't even open her eyes. Maybe she thought I am her teddy and indeed I am. I love hugging her, I get an unknown satisfaction when she is my arms and especially when she is sleeping because her body does not tremble, and she is herself.

I looked at her face and I just wanted to kiss her. I was not able to stop myself and kissed her softly 'Oh! My god her lips are

ng her, I came closer to her, kissed her forehead and was about to leave but suddenly heard her mumbling in her cute voice "Nice uncle, come play with me" at first I thought that she was awake but when I looked at her face her eyes were closed I smiled and left.

My driver was waiting at the gate I hopped inside the car. I was feeling fresh I felt like I need Nancy by my side soon, it's getting tough to sleep without her by my side and I can't sneak into the house every day. The feeling of holding her gives me a warm feeling which completes me.

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