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   Chapter 35 Headache

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Updated: 2020-05-02 16:03

Nancy's POV

I got up in the evening with a little headache, when I went down I saw Riya playing with Angie, when she saw me she immediately came to me and said in excitement "you know what Nancy?" when I looked at her she was shocked and said "hey! What happened to you why your eyes are swollen, are you ok?"

I replied in a low tone "Yeh! I am fine, just a little bit headache" "you need some medicines?" she asked I nodded. She went to the kitchen and brought some food and medicines and said "first have some food, you didn't have your lunch also"

I obeyed her although I didn't have an appetite I ate a little bit and had medicines. I went to the living room where Angie and Riya were playing with toys; while playing with Angie, Riya said "you know Mr. Johnson's marriage was ruined by himself" I was shocked I don't know out of happiness or any other f

, I feel like chopping that teddy or burn it. When I went close to her I noticed that her eyelids were slightly red and swollen and I stormed out of her bedroom and went to her butler's room and asked in angry tone what happened to her why her eyelids are swollen. Her butler is female because I wanted all the staff for her should be female she gulped and said nervously "Master was having a headache"

"did she went to the doctor?" I asked immediately. She replied "Master ..Riya …Mam gave her medicines" I just replied "ok" and came back to Nancy's bedroom.

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