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   Chapter 34 Truth revealed

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Updated: 2020-05-02 16:01

Owen's POV

I saw Kara walking on the aisle in a white gown and I suddenly felt how good it would be if it was Nancy. She will look like an angel who came directly from heaven for me.

I was pulled out of thought when I heard Mr. Miller called my name and I saw Kara standing in front of me. Mr. Miller passed her hand in my hand I took her hand in my hand and made her stand next to me and I had only one statement in my mind "let's began the game"

The happiness of success was pasted on Kara and Mr. Miller's face, which I will make fade away in some time.

Before the priest starts to take our vows, I took the mic and said "hello! Everyone, first of all, thank you for coming today pulling out your precious time. As you all know today I am getting married to Miss Kara Miller so before we began our marriage, I want to give a surprise to my would-be wife" and saying that I looked at Kara and she was smiling shyly.

I waved Zack to get ready, and behind us fell a white sc

T started where Kara was hanging out with different guys and few were her making out photos also.

Kara and Mr. Miller's face color was drained. Kara started panicking and tried to hold my collar but my bodyguards hold her I ordered them to throw her out along with Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller walked to me and said angrily "You will regret it" and he left. By now the church was full of murmuring I spoke again and this time with very serious expression because it was also the warning for others "this is what people get when they mess with Johnson's" and with that, I left the church.

Before I walked out I saw my Dad had a relaxed smile on his face.

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