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   Chapter 32 Marriage day

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Updated: 2020-04-30 16:50

Owen's POV

I came back to my place and called Zack to come to my place he was here in some time. I asked him about the arrangements for tomorrow.

I double-checked all the things and after that Zack left. I went my bars counter and poured whiskey for me and while leaning on my sofa one thought was killing me.

Whenever I touched Nancy I always felt her body trembling, when I kissed her first time in the hospital she does not look experienced at all, how come she has a daughter, why does she starts trembling with men's touch. I noticed that she is uncomfortable with Malcolm also.

The party night when they came back and Malcolm hugged her before leaving at that time also I noticed that she was not comfortable. Why is it like this?

Why she does not allow anyone to enter her heart. I was not able to sleep whole night thinking about one question 'wha

nd spoiling the day and mood she will visit Chris and spend time with Angie.

She went to the hospital with Angie and enjoyed their family time. She met Chris's doctor to discuss his discharge.

She wanted Chris with her on her engagement day. The doctor said that they can take Chris home but he needs to be in a wheelchair for the next three months.

Nancy was still happy that she will have her family with her when she is about to start her new life; she went for shopping with Riya after dropping Angie home. They were doing shopping for Chris, Angie and themselves.

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