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   Chapter 31 Lunch (Part 2)

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Updated: 2020-04-29 13:40

After playing for some time I and Angie won all the games and throughout the games only I was able to see Nancy's genuine smile for some time and believe me I can put the world upside down just to see that smile.

It's very rare that Nancy smiles or laughs, she maintains a formal smile on her face which is just for the outside world but her genuine smile is breathtaking and I want to see that smile on her face every day and every moment.

We headed for lunch in our dining room and I was surprised that Angie was sticking to me all the time and she insisted to sit next to me and I should feed her. Nancy tried to stop her but she was reluctant about her words.

I was enjoying feeding her although it was not easy for me still I tried my best.

As I was done feeding I saw Nancy's phone ringi

ed to dining table one after another. After lunch they were ready to leave, so my Dad said "Owen can you please drop Nancy" before I could reply she interrupted she said "No need to bother uncle Johnson, my fiance is coming to pick us"

Only God knows how I controlled myself when the words "my fiance" left her mouth. I felt like I should kill Malcolm at that moment. I am just waiting for the right time but Nancy is challenging my patience every second.

I just don't want her to see my dark side, but how long can I hold it.

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