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   Chapter 5 Scary Dreams

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She was under him screaming for mercy for help but nothing was helping and the pain was unbearable she screamed her heart out when her sleep broke; she was sweating all over her body. She wiped the sweat from her forehead. It's been four years since that incident but all the memories are still fresh like it happened yesterday and there was never a night when she hasn't dreamed of that horrible night which changed her life forever.

She got out of her bed went to the bathroom did her morning routine. She got ready and went to the other room and after opening the door she had a smile on her face by seeing her little bundle of joy her daughter whom she named Angie. She gave named her Angie because the name means the messenger of God and Angel, and for Nancy, she was indeed an Angel before four years when she tried to commit suicide but got to know about Angie.

She left Houston to forget everything and start a new life in NY, but still, after coming to NY she was not able to survive the pain and betrayal so she tried to commit suicide but got to know that she was carrying a life inside her. First, she thought to abort the child feeling disgusting about the father of the child but her inner voice told her that this is part for her also and she changed her mind to keep the child, from that moment her life changed it started revolving around her baby girl. And gave her a motive to live for her daughter

She started working hard to give the best upb

ringing to her daughter with all the love and luxuries in the world. With passing time Nancy became a successful businesswoman who owned the best Interior Designing Company in NY and was in top 5 in United stated but her heart became stone she was soft only for her daughter, she treated her employees like her family but the doors of her heart were closed forever. Many billionaires tried to do business with her just to get close to her but never got even her smile.

All in the business world new that they will get the best work done from Angie Interior Designers (AID) but no one was able to get close to Nancy.

Nancy walked to the bed and called Angie "sweetheart, wake up its time for breakfast" while kissing on her forehead. Angie slowly opened her blue eyes same as Nancy and smiled seeing her and said in her cute childish voice "good morning MumDa". She uses to call Nancy MumDa which means Mom and Dad for little Angie. When Angie started speaking and going to the nursery she asked Nancy about Dad at that time Nancy told her that she doesn't have Dad as Dad is with God she is only her Mom and father. From that time Angie started calling her MumDa. Angie is of three years now but she started her nursery in early age then other kid because she had to stay in daycare in her early childhood when Nancy was not able to afford the babysitter for her but now she has hired two babysitter for Angie and few bodyguards also who are always around Angie.

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