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   Chapter 277 A Round Belly

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6465

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"Okay, come on in." James didn't urge Lily, but set a posture and waited for Lily.

Then Lily went to James' back.

When she lay on James' back and felt James' broad shoulder, Lily suddenly felt like he is a father.

"Ha ha, I have a feeling of father, although I have never felt it." Lily lay on James' back and put her arms around James' neck.

James carried Lily on his back steadily and walked in the yard. "Why?"

"Because I only have my mother. I didn't have a father since I was a child." Lily didn't know much about her father since she was a child. She just felt confused when she saw that other children had two parents.

James knew the origin of Lily, so he didn't say anything and walked slowly with her on his back.

"But my mother is very kind to me." Now that Lily had become a mother, she could fully understand her mother's feelings for her.

She wanted to give the best to her own child. She thought her child was the cutest baby in the world.

No one could hurt her child.

"You are also a good mother." James said to Lily lightly.

In his eyes, Lily's love for Fiona was no less than any mother in the world.

After listening to James' words, Lily smiled sweetly, "you are also a good father. Fiona is so happy, with so many people loving her, she will definitely grow up healthily, right?"

"Yes, she will." James would be their protective umbrella to protect them from wind and rain, and there would be no more bumps along the way.

Lily wrapped her arms around James' neck and whispered in his ear, "are you tired? Am I getting heavier?"

During this period of time, Shirley had always made delicious food in different ways for Lily. Lily felt that she was gaining weight at a visible rate.

"Where is it?" James felt that the woman on his back was weightless.

"You always coax me! I just saw a big circle on my belly! " Lily secretly looked in the mirror, fully aware of what she h

breakthrough for him to take over the Ling Group.

It could be said that he had put a lot of effort on Cleve.

But Cleve said that he would not transfer it in writing.

Therefore, Alfred pushed Adrian too hard. Adrian directly asked Cleve out and said, "Mr. Cleve, let me put it this way. I don't only have you to choose. I just think that since we have a purpose, there is no need to take so many detours. Harmony brings wealth."

"Let me tell you. Don't even think about it in writing." Cleve would never listen to Adrian.

"I offered such an attractive offer. If you don't want it, someone will take it." Adrian sneered.

Cleve glanced at Adrian and said," no adultery, no business. Mr. Adrian, you are also a big shot in the business world. You don't need me to teach you, do you? If I sign the contract with you and you get the Ling Group, what if you kick me? "

"Ha ha, it turns out that you are always worried about this." Instead of getting angry, Adrian laughed and said," the Lu Family is a man of one word, but it's reasonable for Mr. Cleve to worry about that. After all... Forget it. It seems that there is no such a fate between me and Mr. Cleve. "

The most threatening thing was to leave the words unfinished and let the other side think about it slowly.

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