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   Chapter 263 A Powerful Young Girl

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6657

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She had been watching TV shows before. Now that Quincy had eaten the steaming food, she realized that she was really hungry.

Every piece of meat in the pot was so delicious that it seemed to dance in his mouth. Quincy just wanted to say one word -- "yummy".

When she was having a good time, Quincy's eyes turned to his phone. She took it over and found that she had received a message.

"Is it delicious? "It's from David.

It turned out that it was he who ordered it. Quincy had just sent him a message, and the result was really him.

When Quincy saw the almost late takeout on the table, she thought about the crux of the problem and sent a message. "How do you know my address?"

After a while, there was no reply. Quincy took another bite of the dumplings.

However, before she could swallow the dumpling, her phone of Y City rang. It was from David.

Quincy swallowed the dumplings quickly and answered the phone, "hello?"

"It seems that you are full. You have had a powerful voice." David sat on the sofa.

Quincy said, ". . . . . . Don't you think it's too much to describe a young girl with such words? Why are you laughing? "

David couldn't help laughing, "well, no, be serious."

"How did you know my address?"

Quincy decided that she couldn't talk to him anymore, so she had to ask him about it first.

"I guessed. David put down the towel and lied calmly.

Quincy said, ". . . . . . . Mr. David, do you know how old I am? "

Do you think I'm three or four years old? Otherwise, why are you so blind to block me? I didn't say dirty words because I respected the braised pork.

"In my heart," David paused, "you're still a baby."

Huh? ? ? Startled by David, Quincy picked up a dumpling and put it into her mouth. She was shocked to eat a dumpling.

Hearing the chewing sound from the other end of the phone, David imagined the scene that Quincy was eating angrily.

Her mouth was slightly swollen because of the food, and her eyes were sti

, but now she was annoyed by the ringtone. She wanted to cover her head with the quilt and continue to sleep, but she didn't expect that the person who called had been unwilling to let her go!

"Fuck! Who was it! I can't turn on my phone! Hello! Who! Say something! " Quincy lifted the quilt and answered the phone angrily.

People on the other end of the line was startled by Quincy's voice. "Mrs. Quincy? Your takeout has arrived. Please go downstairs... "

"What's takeout! Why should I go downstairs? What happened! what time? Aren't you going to sleep?! If you don't sleep, I'll sleep! " How could Quincy remember to care about the laboring people at this time.

The delivery guy was very depressed. "But it's you who ordered the delivery..."

"I didn't order anything!" Quincy wanted to hang up the phone, but she thought that it was not easy for the delivery guy, so she said, "if it's not wrong, I'll give it to you. Eat more and work hard. That's it. "

"No way!" The delivery guy's voice was full of righteous indignation. "I have professional ethics! I didn't send you takeout! It was love! So Mrs. Quincy, you'd better come and get it. "

"All right, all right, I am coming!" Quincy didn't know what was going on in the early morning. She lifted the quilt, put on her coat and put on her fluffy shoes.

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