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   Chapter 254 A Family Of Three Person

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6288

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"Let's talk about it later." Rachel didn't dare to listen to her heart again. She was afraid that she would forget the painful past the next second, so she had to lower her head and said softly.

"Why?" Cleve was very sure that what he saw was not disappointment, but expectations for his words.

Rachel took a step back, and the cold wind immediately poured between them, as if an insurmountable gap had been formed.

"We are not them. Let's talk about it later." Rachel forced herself not to think about it anymore. She kept a distance from him and kept the soberest look between them.

Seeing that Rachel was so alienated, Cleve stopped talking.

So he didn't say a word until Rachel left him.

However, in his eyes, this familiar figure was so dazzling and unwilling.

They should be the closest relationship, but now it seemed that they were not even strangers.

With a mocking smile, she followed Rachel, walked over and drove away.

As soon as Cleve and the others left, Shirley and Jonathan also left. During this period of time, they had been in the hospital to take care of Lily and Fiona. After all, no matter how good the hospital was, it was not as good as their own home, so the two of them could not bear it for a long time.

Therefore, when the Lily's condition was better, Shirley and Jonathan decided to go home first. After the house was cleaned up, they would let the Lily and Fiona go home for a period of time.

Originally, James had planned to quit living in the villa after Lily recovered. Now, Shirley's suggestion was just right.

"Lily, let's move." James looked at Lily, who was holding Fiona with a gentle expression on his face.

Without taking her eyes back, Lily said casually, "aren't you going to stay in the Ling Family for a period of time after I leave the hospital?"

As long as Lily was with James and Fiona, their home


David took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his assistant. Then he sat outside the door of Lily's room and felt a little cold. He kicked his hand into his pocket and said, "anyway, I'm a doctor. Why do I look like a homeless on the street now?"

Although he said so, he still stood outside Lily's door.

As soon as James left the hospital, his aura changed.

When James was with Lily just now, James was gentle, from inside to outside, full of joy of being a father for the first time.

But now, the coldness radiating from James was chilling.

Zelda had been waiting for James outside for a long time. As soon as he saw him, he immediately walked up to him and greeted, "Mr. James."

James nodded and saw a man standing in the distance.

"Why is he still there?" James looked at the man in the distance.

Zelda looked in the direction of James and found that the person standing in the distance was Charlie. He had been standing outside the hospital whenever he had time these days.

Zelda had persuaded him to leave, but today he came again unexpectedly.

"Mr. James, I'll go and persuade him to leave." Zelda said and walked towards that direction.

"No, thanks." James interrupted Zelda, "I'll go there myself."

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