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   Chapter 251 The Baby Woke Up

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On the New Year's Eve, the Ling Family members gathered together quietly, but they felt closer to each other.

On the new year's day, the street was still desolate.

But today, from the early morning, there was the sun, which formed the most distinct contrast with the empty street.

The nurses in charge of taking care of the baby had never stopped. They would change to another shift every four hours. They would not be tired or shift too frequently, so that they could ensure the safety of the baby at any time.

When it was a nurse's turn to take care of her, she checked all the data first. Everything was normal, and then looked at the little baby.

Genes were really powerful. Although she was still in her infancy, she could still find the delicate features of the little baby from her eyebrows.

The baby had always been quiet and didn't cry much. When the nurse looked over, she suddenly opened her eyes as if she had woken up.

The pair of eyes opened with exploration of the world.

"Oh, the little princess is awake." This was what the nurses called the little baby in private. They were surprised to see her wake up.

Coincidentally, David came over with a data record book in her hand. Then she saw the surprised look of the nurse.

"What's the matter?" David couldn't help asking as he walked towards the baby.

The nurse then saw David and said to him with a smile, "Dr. David, the baby is awake."

At this time, David also saw the little baby waking up. He was so cute and obedient that he couldn't help reaching out and gently touched the little baby's finger.

"Okay, go and ask Mr. James to come here." At this time, David didn't forget that baby hadn't seen her real father, so he asked the nurse to call James over.

The nurse nodded with a smile and called James.


was very warm.

This was his child with Lily. It took him a lot of effort to give birth to this child. Look at her eyes. They were like Lily's, as if they had been filled with the most beautiful things in the world.

"Wow, she's dressed." When Shirley and the others arrived, James was still holding the little baby. Looking at the fatherly love on James]'s face, Shirley felt that life was so wonderful at this moment.

Her son was holding her granddaughter in his arms. Shirley had been longing for such a scene for a long time.

But she had never thought that it would be such a warm, gentle, cold person, but now it seemed to be filled with all love.

At this moment, Jonathan saw James and the little boy in his arms. He thought that after James had a child, James would become more mature.

As for Rachel, she thought this scene was too warm, so she looked at them with a smile.

Cleve looked at James and then at Rachel, who was smiling, and reached out to hold Rachel.

Perhaps it was because this scene was too envious that Rachel didn't push Cleve away.

The whole family looked at James like this. Even if they didn't say anything, they would unnaturally reveal warmth and affection.

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