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   Chapter 245 Is It Her Name

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6158

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When Cleve] arrived at the hospital, he happened to meet George who was a director of a department he knew.

Cleve had never known this before. It was a chance for him to know this director. Normally, Cleve wouldn't greet them, but today.

Unexpectedly, Cleve walked over and patted on George's shoulder intimately. "Hi, George, are you on duty today?"

Being patted, George took a closer look and found that it was Cleve. He smiled and said, "yes, Cleve. Why do you have time to come to the hospital?"

Although Cleve didn't know his subordinates, as an employee of the hospital, it was a required course for every employee to know the people of the Ling Family. Therefore, George knew that Cleve had never come to the hospital. He was a little surprised today.

"I have something to talk to David. Why don't you go home after the new year?" Cleve looked around and pretended to say casually. He found that people was about to celebrate the new year, but there seemed to be no vacancy for everyone in the hospital, and there was no atmosphere of vacation at all.

George smiled and said, "we don't have a holiday at all. We can have dinner with our family at the New Year's Eve tomorrow at most. By the way, you are looking for Dr. David. Dr. David seems to be in a meeting. Do you want to wait in his office? "

"Okay, go ahead with your work. I'll look for it myself." After saying goodbye to George, Cleve took the elevator to the office of David.

Along the way, they met many nurses. When they saw Cleve, they looked at him up and down secretly. They wanted to see him, but they were afraid of being discovered.

With a straight face, Cleve went straight to the office of David without any obstruction. Unfortunately, David's office was locked and Cleve couldn't enter, so he waited in the rest area aside.

He looked aro

e going back. Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve. Mom has been waiting for you. If you don't go back now, she will come to you by herself."

"I see." James replied indifferently.

"Don't tell me. Just tell mom yourself. I don't want to be in the middle." Cleve didn't want to be bothered by both sides. Moreover, he came here with a purpose.

James didn't answer, but Cleve continued, "where is she?"

She, of course, was Lillias.

"What are you doing here?" James suddenly asked Cleve as if he just remembered something.

"I heard David's voice on the phone. I thought you were in the hospital, so I came." Cleve suddenly pointed at David.

David stared them with wide eyes, 'fuck! Mr. Cleve! Who do you want to kill! No! Huh? How could I say "holy shit"? I'm not good at it

James glanced at David indifferently, and the latter took out his phone with a guilty conscience and sent a message to the person he was thinking about.

"Now that I'm here, let me tell you." James turned around and looked at the glass room behind him.

Cleve followed her and murmured, "tell me what? Is there anyone hiding it from me? Huh? What's in it? It was a baby Why do you suddenly look at a baby? Is it his baby? Hahaha... "?!

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