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   Chapter 240 Help Her Get Through the Difficulties

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6540

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James and others rushed to the hospital, and Zelda stayed here with them.

Without the arrangement of James, Zelda knew that all the previous things needed an end and a reasonable end. Since Becky had chosen such a place for herself, he couldn't let her down.

If it was true that Zelda was very angry with Becky for the disappearance of Lillias last time. So this time, seeing that Lillias was tortured by Becky like this, Zelda could no longer restrain his anger.

After sending away the James and others, Zelda returned to the place where Becky was.

The strength of a woman was not as strong as that of a man. Just now, James kicked her hard, and he didn't spare any strength. In addition, he was in a hurry, so she was directly kicked to the corner of the wall by him.

Her body hit the wall, causing her to bleed.

Becky was not reconciled. One more step, one more second, she could kick Lily to death.

Zelda walked slowly to Becky and looked at her from a high place. At this moment, Becky was completely wet. Her bright red overcoat was now wet by rain, covered with mud and weeds, like a defeated hen.

"Do you regret it?" Zelda looked at her and said in a colder voice than the rain.

Becky wanted to say something, but a mouthful of blood came out of her mouth. After a while, she forced a mocking smile, "regret? How is that possible? Even if I die, the baby in her belly won't live longer. I won't lose anything! Hahaha... "

Becky knew that she had planned all the things that happened to Lillias. Lillias had been physically exhausted for a long time, coupled with Becky's psychological suffering, she had endured the cold all night, and what had just happened. Even if she was saved now, the baby in her belly would not last long.

Zelda squatted down and looked at Becky," you asked for it."

Then Zelda moved his foot and stepped on Becky's arm.

He tried harder and harder, seeing Becky began to frown, and then she

back to the emergency room to continue the operation.

Just as the doctor went in, the man behind him said. "If something really happens, I only want her."

Between an adult and a child, of course, it would be best if both of them could survive. But if there was really nothing he could do, then the only choice for James would be to keep Lily alive.

If there was no Lily, then everything would be gone.

For a man, it was a difficult choice between the two.

The light of the emergency room was still on, and everyone waiting outside had mixed feelings.

Charlie followed them all the way to the hospital, but he didn't go to the hospital. According to the rules of the Ling Group's Hospital, it was impossible for an irrelevant person to go in under the current situation.

Worried, Charlie decided to wait outside the hospital.

He was not afraid of the suffering of time and himself. He just wanted to know if she could survive as soon as possible.

There were not so many reasons and requirements if you fall in love with someone.

The most primitive and simplest way was to hope that she could live a good life. She would live a happy life somewhere she knew. That was all.

There are so many people accompanying you to get through the difficulty, so you can't let them down.

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