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   Chapter 238 I'm Sorry

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At the same time, Becky also went to the room where Lily was locked in.

Even in the daytime, when Becky stood outside the iron gate and looked at the surrounding environment, she was particularly happy. She guessed that those people would never expect that she would hide Lillias here.

This place was very close to A University. It was not desolate at first, but after the incident with Amy, Ronald, the landlord of this house, was driven away by James, so the house was empty. The people around there were afraid of getting into trouble, so they moved away one after another.

Without anyone around, Becky was not afraid that someone would come to save Lily.

She reached out for the key and opened the iron door.

The iron door hit the lock and made a loud noise, but none of these made Lily wake up.

After kicking open the iron door, Becky came in and saw Lily lying on the ground. Her face was pale, but her breathing was even. She seemed to be asleep.

"Oh, I can't believe that you can fall asleep." Becky walked over and kicked Lily's feet.

With this kick, Becky exerted all her strength in order to wake up Lillias immediately.

As expected, Lily woke up soon. But she just opened her eyes. The severe headache made her feel a little unbearable.

Looking at the feeble look on Lillias' face, Becky sneered, "I remember that there is a saying, ' you don't need to sleep long before you die. You will have a long sleep after you die.' I think you'd better look here a few more times, so that you won't miss there when I sleep for a long time in the future."

Lily wanted to ask why, but she couldn't open her mouth.

Looking at Lily's big belly, Becky thought of the faith that supported her to live in the past.

That was to see with her own eyes that Lillias knelt down in front of her, and then watched her child gradually losing his vitality and then shouting hysterically.

The harder Lily screamed, the more excited B

not die or lose half of her life. Becky was sure that she had gone down with great strength.

However! The most surprising thing was that!

To Becky's surprise, Lillias blocked her kick with her hand!

As soon as Becky kicked her, Lily had already guessed what she wanted to do. She must want to kick her belly and hurt her baby!

No, absolutely not!

Out of maternal instinct, Lily stretched out her arms to cover her belly and blocked the kick from Becky.

Lily's screamed in heart, and her face was a little pale. The cold sweat on her forehead because of the pain had already been washed away by the rain. 'I'm afraid my arm has been broken, ' Lily thought.

Becky didn't expect that Lily could block her attack, but she quickly reacted, "You can still block it. Humph, but it's meaningless. No one will come to save you! I'll drive you away now! "

Once again, she gathered all her strength and kicked Lily again.

It seemed that Becky's movements were slowed down. Lily could clearly see her movements, but she had no strength to resist. She could only watch her kick.

I'm sorry, my baby. I didn't protect you well and didn't let you come to this world.

I'm sorry, James. I didn't listen to you and protect myself well. If there is a next generation, I must meet you early.

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