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   Chapter 217 she's here. She didn't come back

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Adrian was not a strange name for James.

Lu, this family name might not be known much now. If it was mentioned in the previous A City, people would probably sigh deeply.

This was, of course, a sigh of glory for the Lu Family.

It was just that year.

James had been looking for the news of the Lu Family for a long time. The decadent clan hid the news very well. He didn't know if they were really going to have a rat living in the sewer, or a beast hiding behind and trying to sneakily attack.

Although James hadn't found out the real whereabouts of the Lu Family, he still found a useful information. Among the younger generation of the Lu Family, there was still a relatively outstanding one. Whether it was talent or means, he was one of the best in the Lu Family.

The man's name was Adrian Lu.

James had long guessed that the Lu Family had something to do with the LS Company, so even if he knew that the LS Company belonged to the Lu Family, he was not surprised.

Still expressionless, as if he was listening to a part of the report, he said in a very ordinary tone, "James."

However, Adrian didn't care about James's attitude at all. "Mr. James, you look so confident. It seems that you must have prepared well. Let's start."

After that, he sat directly on the chair opposite to James's, with his back against the chair. He was natural and confident.

Adrian raised his hand and moved down. The people around him understood what he meant, took out the basic contract and put it in front of James.

"This is the share transfer agreement. The directors of your company have agreed to transfer the shares to me, which means that I am the second largest shareholder besides you now." Adrian rubbed his temples and seemed to consume a lot of his strength after saying these words.

James just glanced at it indifferently. Without opening it, he asked Adrian, "so what?"

"So? So I have the right to make suggestions on the com

t wanted to find Lily now. He was very uneasy. Now Lily had been pregnant for eight months, and there were many people outside. It was probably too late for anything to happen.

"Do you think I will leave the chance to you?" James asked.

Adrian shrugged his shoulders, as if he didn't care about it at all. "I have to find opportunities by myself."

James glanced at Cleve intentionally or unintentionally. "Then I'll break those people's hands and feet who look for opportunities. I won't let those people go back as long as they come here."

After saying that, James stood up and went out directly, ignoring the people in the meeting room.

"Then please go out from the first floor by yourself. The Ling Group is very busy and has no time to see you off." After saying that, Zelda also went out. If he didn't restrain himself, he would probably say, "I am asking you to go back wherever you came from."

Adrian sat there, looking at the direction in which James left with a frown, and his eyes was full of anger and killing intent.

Cleve, on the other hand, didn't say anything. His eyes darkened when he saw the direction in which James left. He was thinking about the faint glance that James had cast at him just now.

Perhaps only the two of them could understand the meaning of it.

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