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   Chapter 216 Nice To Meet You, I'm Adrian

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6330

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Lily leaned against the door and felt her heart beating too fast. So she put her hand on her chest and took a few more deep breaths. When she slowly calmed down, she walked to the sofa and sat down.

She took out the letter she had just received from her pocket and began to read it.

There were only two words on the cover of the letter, "Becky", which was easy to recognize. So when Lily saw the letter, she didn't doubt it.

Quincy had told Lily that there was no news about Becky, and Lily had also told James, and James just said that there was something wrong with the Yan Family. Lily had been worried about Becky, but there was no news about her.

Without hesitation, Lily opened the letter

"Honey, long time no see. How are you doing recently? Was she pregnant and waiting to be a happy mother? I feel so happy for you. I shouldn't have come to bother you when you are so happy, but you are the only friend I have in this city.

Maybe you know something about me more or less from them. Something happened to my family. My parents were framed and put into prison. I wanted to save them, but I had no choice. Seeing my parents suffering in there, my heart seemed to have been stabbed, so I chose to go abroad.

I have learned a lot abroad and met some people, so I decide to go back and investigate my parents again. You are my only friend in this city, so I need your help.

The new year is coming, but I can only live alone in this small and dark rental house. If you have time, can you come to accompany me? Only the two of us can talk about the past, okay?

I know it's not convenient for you now. It doesn't matter if you don't come. ——yours Becky. "

After reading the letter, Lily was also shocked.

She once thought that Becky had escaped from the reality, but she didn't expect that her parents were still framed. It seemed that she came back now in order to

ards, and according to the instructions of Lily, they were far away from Lily.

Lily felt relieved and walked into a women's clothing shop. She looked around and found that the bodyguards were really far away from her. Then she sneaked out from behind the shop.

When she slipped away, her body was as flexible as a person who was not eight months pregnant.

According to the address given by Becky, Lily took a taxi directly. Because of the pregnant woman, other people gave up taxi and conceded it to Lily directly. So it didn't take much time.

The people of the LS Company arrived at the Ling Group. This time, it was no longer a small representative, but the chairman of LS.

Standing in front of James, the man was not nervous at all. Although he looked gentle, James could see a very strong sense of hostility in his eyes.

The two stood face to face, and even the people beside them could feel the fluctuation of the aura between the two people.

They seemed to be silent, but their eyes were just silently sparring. It was like there were blade lights and sword shadows, and it was like a fight between masters. At the beginning, the competition was about momentum.

The man looked at James and smiled. "Nice to meet you. I'm Adrian Lu."

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