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   Chapter 215 H's plan

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6360

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Ever since she returned to A City, Becky seemed to stay alone in the house arranged by H. At the beginning, Becky couldn't control herself. She always wanted to see what was going on with Lillias.

Unfortunately, H seemed to be able to completely read her mind. As long as she had this idea, H would appear in front of her unexpectedly.

In order not to alert the enemy, H would never agree with her impulsive behavior.

Becky could understand. After all, in James's territory, she couldn't see Lillias without the careful arrangement of H.

"From today on, it's time to use you." The sudden appearance of H didn't frighten Becky.

Becky closed the book she had just read and asked, "what's wrong? Have you arranged everything? "

"No, I need your help." H sat down.

"Tell me, what do you need me to do?" Becky turned around and looked at H, who was holding his phone with his head down.

H put his phone on the table and said, "it's very simple. I need you to write a letter. This letter has helped you think about the content. You just need to write it out."

"If it's that simple, you won't save me with so much trouble, will you?" Becky didn't pick up the phone, but looked at the light on the screen until it was locked.

"Smart." H chuckled, "if you only need to write a letter, I have a lot of copy masters here. So, you are responsible for guiding Lillias out to the place I designated. I will arrange someone to pick you up. What you need to do is not to let her suspect you. "

Becky kept silent. It would be easy for them to lure Lillias out. After all, they were "friends". As long as there was a chance, it wouldn't be difficult for Becky to do so.

However, in her heart, there was already full of hatred to Lillias. If Becky let Lillias not suspect her, it would not be so simple.

"I will arrange everything well. You just need to take it there. As for the grudge b

the morning when James got up. She went downstairs and drank milk. Seeing that Lara was busy, she stood aside.

All of a sudden, a man passed by Lily and put something into her pocket. When Lily reacted, the man had already walked far away.

"What?" She mumbled in confusion and took the thing out of her pocket.

It turned out to be a letter. When Lily saw the two words "Becky" on it, she covered her mouth in surprise.

She looked around and found no one was looking at her. Then she put the letter back and planned to go upstairs and read it again.

"Miss Lillias, don't you have breakfast?" Lara asked as she saw Lily go upstairs again.

Without turning her head, Lily continued to go upstairs. "I'll eat later."

Watching Lily disappearing in the corridor, Lara turned around and saw the unfinished milk. Lara was a little curious, "is it because you have a bad appetite? Why didn't you drink it up today?"

But Lara didn't care about it. Lily's appetite was sometimes good and sometimes bad. Lara took the cup away. She just wanted to remember to tell James about this. Now Lily was in the late stage of pregnancy, and Lara couldn't be careless at all.

Lily went upstairs. Her heart was pounding nervously, as if she had done something wrong.

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