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   Chapter 214 Am I Not Your Parent

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When the Baby was eight months old, Lily seemed to feel someone's tension.

Because the Baby was in her belly, Lily couldn't sleep well at night. If she kept a posture for a long time, it was easy to cramp. For several times, Lily would wake up because of this.

As long as she moved, James would wake up immediately, as if he had never slept before. He was a little rusty before, but now, with the frequent Lily's cramps, James was very skillful.

He would immediately wake up and find Lily's body part with cramps. Then he would gently rub it until Lily was no longer uncomfortable. Sometimes, even when Lily fell asleep again, James didn't dare to stop.

In addition to these, Lily felt that James seemed to be too nervous.

The Baby was very quiet. Sometimes the baby moved, and Lily was surprised, but James seemed to frown. After thinking for a while, Lily attributed it to the novice dad syndrome.

"James," Lily called his name directly, "are you nervous? It's your first time to be a father, and it's also my first time to be a mother. I'm not as nervous as you. Don't be so nervous."

James was stunned. It seemed that the little girl in front of him thought he was a twenty-year old boy. She thought he knew nothing and was nervous recently.

James put his hand on Lily's hair and gently stroked it, "it's not my first time to be a father."

"What? !" Hearing what James said, Lily was shocked with her eyes wide open.

"Am I not your parent?" James smiled happily and teased Lily.

The word "parent" was the word Lily told James. It was all said by Quincy. On that day, when Lily chatted with James, she didn't notice it and told him.

Lily patted James's hand gently and said, "Why are you so frightening? I thought..."

"What did you think? Do you think I've already had a child? " James followed Lily's topic and continued.

"Or what? What you said is ridiculous. " Lily pouted and thought

attitude towards him, but James didn't contact Cleve specially.

Shirley sighed, "we are family. Don't always regard us as outsiders. If your father and I leave, you and Cleve should take the responsibility of the Ling Family. You are the elder brother, and elder brother is like a father. You should also take care of Cleve. "

Although Cleve got married early, Shirley was worried about him most. Cleve's character really made Shirley worried.

It was not because that Cleve would make trouble. On the contrary, Cleve was more filial than James. Cleve hardly got involved in the company's affairs. He waited for his bonus every year, but he wasn't incapable. Others laugh behind his back, saying that he was an idle rich descendent.

Shirley was worried that Cleve couldn't handle his social relationship well, and that the relationship between the two brothers would fade, which was the thing she didn't want to see most.

"I know. Let's talk about it later." James hung up the phone.

How could he not know what Shirley said? It seemed that Cleve had been having such a faint relationship with James.

When Cleve was a child, Cleve would call James "brother" and follow James. But James didn't know since when that boy had grown up and no longer got close to James.

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