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   Chapter 213 Waiting For An Opportunity To Revenge

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6396

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At this time, James's office seemed to be full of gloom.

"What happened?" James suppressed his anger and looked at the surveillance video which was obviously tampered with.

Zelda stood on the other side of the table. He had watched the video that James had watched, but he didn't seem to have any other clues except that he knew that it had been tampered with.

But now the problem was where was Becky? Living or dead? And who was there at that time?

"Mr. James, there were no other clues in the later on-site investigation. The perpetrator must have been premeditated." Zelda suddenly felt that he was useless. He not only failed to deal with this matter, but also made her disappear.

James stared at the video with murderous look in his eyes.

Earlier, he had thought of dealing with Becky directly. But when James saw Lily and thought of their children, he hesitated. It seemed that if his hands were stained with blood, he didn't deserve to stay with them anymore. He couldn't tarnish them like this.

Therefore, James ordered his men to lock Becky up and let Becky live in the world, but there must be punishment.

"As for Becky, no matter if she is dead or not, we can't let our guard down." James thought about all the things together.

The place where Becky stayed was very secret and no one could know it. However, if he wanted to achieve some goal, he would keep tracing.

It was James who had arranged Becky to be locked up. If the person wanted to find Becky, the most possible reason was to attack him. However, the connection between Becky and James was Lily, so they must let Becky establish a connection with Lily.

James's eyes became sharp. "Arrange more people to guard outside the villa, just in case, cut off the connection between the villa and the outside world, and block all the signals."

Hearing what James said, Zelda knew that that person would do something Lily

want to see it?" H asked.

Becky nodded.

H raised his hand and put it behind his ear, as if he was going to take the mask the next second. But in the eyes of Becky, she saw H put his hand down again. "Let's wait until you finish it."

"I have another question." Becky didn't expect to see it today, so she asked what she wanted to ask the most.

"Tell me. I hope this is the last question." H straightened his sleeves until there was no wrinkle.

Without hesitation, Becky asked, "why did you put on my coat that day?"

"Helping you means helping me." It was as if he had already known that Becky would ask this question, as if he had already prepared the answer. Just after Becky asked, H gave Becky a direct answer.

Becky didn't say anything until H left.

Now, Becky was more mature than before. She was cold to everything, and more beautiful than before. In others' eyes, she was like something unattainable.

Finally, Becky asked her own question. Fortunately, it was not out of sympathy, so that her self-esteem would not be so damaged.

But she also knew that only she knew the slight disappointment in her heart after H said it.

What was it like? Becky didn't think about it anymore. All she wanted to do now was to return her injury to them.

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