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   Chapter 212 Maintain A Good Cooperative Relationship

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6642

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Lying on the comfortable bed, Becky couldn't fall asleep for a long time.

Becky can see that the man who called himself H didn't look like a mean fellow of the marketplace. He was so elegant that no one could take their eyes off him.

In the past, Becky might have thought that such a person would also fall in love with her, at least be attracted by her. But now, how could she still think so.

Becky felt so disgusted with those dark, wet and dirty things, let alone him.

But what did that overcoat mean? Was he showing kindness or sympathy.

It seemed that Becky had no answer to all the questions and doubts, but she had already made up her mind.

When she fell asleep and woke up again, it seemed that it was just the time for her to close her eyes and open them.

A good night's sleep seemed to have helped Becky recover a lot. Becky looked much more energetic, and even her throat was much better. At least, Becky wouldn't feel pain.

When she fell asleep at night, she didn't close the curtain. It was a rare good weather now. In the cold winter day, the brightest sunlight was cast through the window.

When the sun shone on her face, Becky almost woke up right now.

She got out of bed, put on her shoes and staggered, but she had enough strength to walk to the bedside. She stood by the bed, with her hands on the glass, and felt the warm sun through the glass.

The door opened.

It was H who came in. Seeing that Becky was standing by the window, he stopped and then leaned against the door frame naturally. "Good morning. I thought you would sleep a little longer."

Becky didn't answer or even turn around. When the door was opened, Becky knew it was him.

H walked inside and put the things in his hands on the bed. "Here are your clothes. It's very cold in winter."

"I agree." A hoarse and strange voice sounded in the room.

H looked at her back and raised his eyebrows, but he was not surprised. He seemed to have expected her answer. "Ver

ious that she meant to belittle him, but it made H burst into laughter. "Your vision is not as long as it seems. As the saying goes, "there is no cunning behavior in business, and all of those are the resentment of inferior people. "

"It seems that you have a long view." Noticing that there was no water vapor on the coffee, Becky felt that the temperature around her suddenly dropped a little.

"It can't be said to be long-term. At least, I won't be short-sighted. Well, that's all. I hope we can maintain a good relationship before the end of our cooperation. " H turned his face to look at her, with his seemingly gentle but ruthless eyes.

When Becky saw the pair of eyes, she was shocked, as if they were similar to some eyes in her memory. Yes, it was James. He was as ruthless as James. However, James never hid his fierceness, while the fierceness of H was like a snake's nature, which was hidden, but always made people feel that it would be revealed immediately.

It would be a fatal blow to others.

"Of course, at least we need a pleasant cooperation." Becky escaped from the eyes like that, stabilized her mood and didn't let her inner amazement show out.

"OK, have a good rest tonight. Let's go back to A City tomorrow." H stood up and left here without hesitation, just like every time before.

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