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   Chapter 211 I Need You To Do Something

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When the man came back, someone told him about the situation of Becky. It seemed that there was no big problem.

"Find a doctor." In case of any emergency, he had to do something necessary, such as checking whether Becky was really fine first.

He took some food and water and went to the room where Becky lived. He knocked on the door.

In the warm and comfortable environment that she hadn't live in for a long time, Becky had just taken a hot shower and even felt sleepy. But the sudden knock on the door made her sleepiness disappear immediately. She stared at the door vigilantly like a beast.

The door opened and he came in. Becky began to relax.

The man was surprised to see Becky lying on the bed. He was temporarily at a loss. Then he walked in. Becky kept staring at him.

At this moment, after Becky took a shower, Becky's hair was no longer dull and messy. Although it seemed that she didn't tidy it up, it was at least much cleaner. The stains on her face had been washed away. Although she was still thin and pale, at least people could recognize that she was Becky.

He put all the things in her hands aside, took a glass of water and handed it to Becky.

He was still wearing a mask. Becky couldn't see his face, but his eyes which were not very gentle. But Becky was willing to believe him. At least she thought it was ridiculous for him to save her and then sent her back.

With one hand leaning against the head of the bed, Becky took the water. It seemed that she hadn't used her arm for a long time. At this moment, she couldn't even open the lid of a bottle of water.

A hand appeared in her sight. Becky raised her head and saw the man take the water from her hand, open the bottle cap, and handed it to her.

"Drink it." The man said to Becky.

Looking at the water handed over by him, Becky slowly took it and put it to her mouth. Then she raised her head and gulped down the water regardless of

seems that you have a much stronger reaction to Lillias than to James."

Without looking at the man, Becky just stared at her own hands and those joints.

"I have told you what I need you to do. It was simple. we would help each other. What's more, I can not only let you take revenge, but also help you recover what you want. " Comparing what Becky looked like before with that of now, he thought that no woman would refuse to be beautiful again.

There was still no answer.

The man raised his eyebrows. "I'll give you some time to think about it. Reply to me tomorrow morning. If you agree, we will start the treatment immediately and you can recover. If you refuse, I won't help you even if I won't let you go back to that kind of place. "

That kind of place. Becky's heart tightened again.

The man stopped talking, stood up and went out directly.

There was only Becky in the room.

She knew what kind of person she was now. If she could go back to the past, how could she refuse.

At the same time, she hated both Lillias and James. They were the reason why she had suffered so much. If there was a chance to pay back all the pain she had suffered, she would not refuse.

She pinched the quilt hard again, and it was wrinkled.

Well, I won't miss this opportunity.

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