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   Chapter 210 Take Becky Away

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6475

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How long had she not heard of this name? Time couldn't be measured, because it was really a long time that Becky seemed to have forgotten the pronunciation of these two words and her name for a long time.

Seeing that Becky was stunned, the man was sure.

"Come here." The man called the people who had been frightened to scream over, "call a few people and get her out. Be careful."

Becky was not a nobody to that man. She might even be of great help to him, so he had to get her out now.

Frightened, the man hurried out and called several people in. The pungent smell made everyone frown. But they didn't dare to disobey their boss' order. They had no choice but to ignore Becky's eyes on the bed, and then forced themselves not to vomit and get the whole ball out.

fear. Yes, it was fear. Becky wanted to resist and scream, but she had no strength at all. Her throat were hoarse, and she could not make a sound. Only her thin hands shook in the air a few times stiffly.

"Don't move! Behave yourself! " The people who moved Becky were already upset, but now Becky's resistance has infuriated them and they threaten her in a low voice.

Becky didn't wave her hand anymore, but stared at them fiercely, as if she would bite them to death the next second.

They moved Becky to the room outside. The room outside was wider and brighter. At least they could see her clearly now.

But what about Becky? She had lived for so long in a dark, damp place, and it would have been physically and mentally unbearable to be suddenly moved to a well-lit place outside.

Without the resistance of the quilt, Becky curled up on the ground and kept shaking.

The man stood far away and looked at the disheveled Becky on the ground. He frowned and thought for a long time. As if he had made a very difficult decision, he took out a mask from his pocket and put it on his face. Then he slowly approached Becky.

He walked

loved the most, he must do it well and make sure nothing went wrong.

After they sent Becky back, they asked the old lady who was doing the cleaning there to bathe her. At least, they wanted her to look less dirty.

They put Becky directly in the bathtub. The old lady looked at her, helped her take off her clothes and put hot water in.

When Becky's skin touched the hot water, she seemed to feel that she had come to life.

The warmth in her memory made her want to cry.

The old lady bathed Becky. Looking at the thin girl, she felt a little soft hearted, so she bathed her carefully.

But the old lady was too dumb to talk to her. As for Becky, even if she wanted to speak, her throat would not allow her to speak.

As a result, the whole bathroom was filled with the sound of flowing water.

After taking a hot shower, Becky seemed to be awake, as if she had come to life. Although she was a little hungry, but she was not altogether feeble.

After wiping her body and putting on a clean bathrobe, Becky lay down on the bed and covered herself with the quilt.

Clean clothes, a clean bed, and a clean room all came in a sudden and unbelievable way. But Becky would rather believe that it was a bubble that would break soon than recall the days when she was a slave.

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