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   Chapter 209 Are You Becky

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It seemed that it was not the coldest time yet, but in that dark room, even if Becky put on all her clothes and covered herself with the quilt, she still felt cold.

She kept trembling in the quilt and curled up into a ball. Even if she closed her eyes tightly, her lips seemed to be frozen pale. Without the moisturize of water for a long time, they became dry and cracked.

Rich families have more wine and meat to eat, but the roads are full of poor people freezing to death.

No one knew how many people would end their lives in advance because they couldn't resist the cold.

Lying on the cold and wet bed with her eyes closed, Becky felt like she was in the deep sea. The coldness of the sea took her life little by little, and it didn't even let go of her breath.

Will she die? Becky asked herself in her heart.

But she was not reconciled. During this period of time, whether it was hunger, illness or the terrible environment, she gritted her teeth to endure. It was not easy, it was painful. The faith that supported her to live was full of hatred.

But today, Becky seemed to be able to see herself clearly and see her life fading away.

Could it be that only when she was about to die would she have the illusion that she would come back to life?

Becky recalled the past in her mind.

At that time, even if she had to disguise herself and make herself a million people. However, at that time, she was no worse than the people around her in all aspects.

Becky remembered that there were all kinds of eyes looking at her, including envy, jealousy, hatred and so on. But she knew that all the reasons were because of her excellence. Only her excellence could make others feel a sense of crisis.

But she couldn't go back.

Her body, which she had been proud of, had already become swollen because she had been in bed for a long time.

Her beautiful and lovely face had become rough and even wrinkled because of lack of management.

Since last time Becky looked at the mirror,

What kind of person could frighten an adult man like this? The man suddenly felt uncertain.

He didn't worry about his shoes any more. He went straight in, took his phone with the flashlight on and looked at the bed.

The moment he saw it, the man knew why he had screamed just now. Even he himself, and even his heart couldn't help trembling when he saw it in front of him.

What kind of person was it?

Her hair was dull, her face was pale, her eyes were sunken, her lips were dry, and the wrinkles on her face were countless. The most frightening thing was her eyes.

She was desperate, scared, gloomy and vigilant, as if she was going to die, but she would entangle him like a ghost.

Looking at the thing in front of him that he didn't know if it could be called a person, the person felt as if his throat was tightly strangled by the person in front of him with such terrible eyes.

She hadn't seen such a light for a long time. Although her eyes were painful, Becky stared at it tightly. At this moment, she forgot the coldness and fear. She just looked at the light like that.

"Who are you?" The man asked with uncertainty. After all, it was impossible to see it now.

Who was talking? Becky's eyes widened.

The man asked again, "are you Becky?"

Are you, Becky?

Becky's heart began to beat violently.

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