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   Chapter 207 Quincy and David Had Dinner Together

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6781

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"Holy shit?! Stop the car. " When Quincy came to her senses, she found that David had already driven the car out of the school and had no intention of parking it.

It seemed that David was focusing on driving and didn't look at Quincy's face. But he knew that she wouldn't look good without thinking. He just said lightly, "I can't park here. If I'm photographed by the camera, I will be fined."

Fine? Quincy stared at David with disbelief. After thinking for a while, she knew that no matter what David's background was, even if he was only a person around James, his status could not be worse.

Quincy rolled her eyes and thought, 'David is insulting my IQ. '.

Quincy couldn't help cursing him in her heart. Then she withdrew her sight and looked ahead. Then she pointed to the roadside and said, "you can park the car twenty meters ahead, so please, stop the car!"

The sound of "stop the car" made Quincy gnash her teeth.

Twenty meters, eighteen meters, fifteen meters, ten meters, five meters away from that place, and then...

The car sped up...

It seemed that he was stepping hard on the gas. Because of inertia, Quincy fell back directly and leaned against the back of the seat tightly.

"Fuck!" Quincy sat straight and turned her body to wait for David. When she was about to lose her temper, the opportunity to speak was seized.

"I'm sorry," said David, "my driving skill is not good, and I'm easily nervous. I didn't notice it and stepped on the gas. Are you okay?"

With a frown, David took a look at Quincy. It seemed that he really cared about her, but only David knew how much he restrained himself from laughing at the moment! He wanted to laugh!

Quincy glared at him with anger in her eyes. "Did you learn to drive from the Lan Xiang school?"

"Hmm... I forgot. Is there any problem? " David continued to drive, but he could feel the anger of Quincy.

"Oh, nothing." Quincy wanted to continue to mock David, but somehow she lost her interest.

Thinking about it carefully, why did

pth of the alley.

With the excuse of going to the bathroom, Quincy secretly went to the front desk and planned to pay the bill first.

"Do you mean Mr. David's order?" The receptionist said to Quincy with a smile.

"Yes." Quincy had just told her the table number, but she didn't know why she wanted to confirm it again.

The waitress didn't change the smile on her face. "Mr. David is a VIP here. The consumption is directly transferred from the card, so we can't serve you here. I'm sorry."

When Quincy was about to say that if she could change the rules, she heard David's voice behind her. "What's wrong? Why are you standing here? "

"Mr. David." The waitress greeted David with a smile, and David nodded slightly.

Quincy was afraid that the waitress would tell David what she had just done, so she said first, "I... Let me... " When Quincy couldn't continue, she suddenly saw a relatively chic carpet not far away, so she pointed there.

"I'm here to ask where you bought this carpet! It was very comfortable to step on it! So I'm here to ask. Hahaha! " Quincy felt that she just laughed in embarrassment.

David looked in the direction Quincy pointed, then looked back, and said to Quincy. "Well, I know. I'll take you to buy it next time."

"Great! Next time!" Did she show any weakness? Quincy breathed a sigh of relief.

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