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   Chapter 205 You Are the Best in the World

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6537

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Tears seemed to be able to make people grow up. After the tears flowed through her eyes, Becky, who used to make a fuss occasionally, almost stopped talking now.

Every day, when it was time for dinner, she picked up the food and ate it up bit by bit. Even if she didn't know the taste, she didn't go to make a fuss again.

She still lay on the bed, but occasionally the sun shone, she would stand in that small part of the bed wrapped in the quilt.

She didn't know the change of time, nor did she know the outside world. The room was always deathly quiet, but Becky was used to it.

Becky had forgotten everything except hatred.

The woman who was hated by Becky was not feeling well now.

It was almost the end of the year, and Lily's belly was getting bigger and bigger. She had been pregnant for seven months, almost eight months. Lily didn't know if it was not good for her body, she seemed to be more uncomfortable than other pregnant women.

Both physically and mentally, Lily felt uncomfortable.

This pregnant woman couldn't be in a bad mood. If she was not careful enough to get serious depression, it would be really troublesome. Therefore, James had tried his best to coax Lily.

Knowing that James was coaxing her, Lily smiled, but she was still in a bad mood.

It seemed that Shirley and Jonathan cared about Lily very much, they came here to see her. Shirley wanted to live in the villa to take care of Lily in case she drove here frequently. Although Jonathan didn't say anything, he found a lot of expensive tonics that others couldn't buy with money and gave them to Lily without hesitation.

After all, she was a member of the Ling Family, so they didn't say anything. James didn't know what Cleve was busy with and why he hadn't come to the villa.

Seeing that Lily was in a bad mood, James was anxious and wasn't in the mood to work.

"Mr. James, I have a suggestion." Zelda looked at James, who was frowning but

t worry too much. You don't know who Becky is. She is smart and beautiful. Wherever she goes, she can live a good life. Even if she leaves without saying goodbye to us, she must have her own difficulties. When she figured it out herself, she would definitely contact us. " Quincy tried to comfort Lily and stopped her from asking about Becky.

Lily frowned. Although Quincy said so, she couldn't calm down. She felt that it was not that simple. It was strange that Becky left without saying goodbye.

Even if she was afraid of being laughed at, she didn't need to say anything about it to her and Quincy. The three of them were friends. If something really happened to the Becky's family and Lily was also in A City, maybe she could help something.

But now, Lily couldn't let it go.

"Why don't you ask me about Becky? Oh, my God! I'm so important to you... " Quincy pretended to complain to distract Lily's attention.

"What? You... " "You! I remember. I really have something to ask! Ha ha ha! By the way, what happened between you and Dr. David? "

There must be some stories between David and Quincy, which was told by James in order to make Lily happy.

David and Quincy? When Lily heard this, she even couldn't believe that these two people from different worlds could have a story?

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