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   Chapter 204 Becky's Tears

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Everyone should have their own life, may be famous and great, may be humble, but it does not affect everyone to live a good life.

Most of the time, people who destroyed other people's lives would often have their own lives in a mess.

Obviously, Becky hadn't comprehended this principle yet. Until now, she still felt that it was all caused by Lillias, who had turned her into what she was now.

James drove her out of A City. Becky didn't care where she was sent at all.

What's the difference? Wherever she went, there would be James' guards guarding her. What's the difference between this and a mobile prison? Becky twitched the corners of her mouth and sneered.

When Becky left A City that night, she didn't even take the plane, but the green skinned train she had never seen before!

When Becky got on the train, she even wanted to turn around and leave the strange smell, the messy things and the twisted seats!

However, she had no choice but to retreat. Since James had spent so much effort to drive her away, he certainly wouldn't want her to come back. It was certain that he would send someone to keep an eye on her.

Accept the fate.

Becky accepted her fate.

On the train, Becky looked out of the window. It was already dark. She could feel that A City was farther and farther away from her, so far that she could not touch it again.

The city did not owe her anything, but now left her light not to give up and deep hatred!

Lying on her bed, Becky wrapped herself tightly in the quilt. She looked a little embarrassed, but she was warm enough. It was more than ten degrees below zero here. Even if the room is airless, without heating, it was still cold enough.

After staying here for a long time, Becky's life was no different from being in prison.

In such a cold place, they didn't give Becky any clothes that could protect her from the cold. When she asked them for clothes, they walked away impatiently.


lowly and stared at the mirror.

Who was in the mirror?

She had short hair, pale and thin face, dry lips, red eyes, thin lines at the corners of her eyes, and clothes that had been messed up. Her feet were still full of blood.

Is this Becky? Is this Becky, who is only twenty years old? Was this the sexy and charming Becky? Was this the face and figure that she had always been proud of?

It was just the last straw to crush the camel.

Becky closed her eyes. Her lips were trembling and her chest was heaving. She ran out as fast as she could, climbed onto the bed and hid herself in the quilt, her body trembling.

No, that's not me. I'm not that kind of person. I'm beautiful and sexy. It's not like that. It's not like that. They must have lied to me. They must have lied to me.

These words kept rolling in Becky's mind. Her body kept shaking, and the wound on her foot was ignored by her.

In this small room, if it weren't for the shaking of the quilt, no one would notice there is a woman alive.

There was dead silence.

Hiding in the quilt, Becky closed her eyes tightly until she couldn't hold back her tears.

The tears were like all her pride, cultivation, dignity and secrets in the past, gradually disappeared.

The temperature was not maintained for a long time.

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