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   Chapter 201 Congratulations on Your Dream Coming True

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6371

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When Lily felt better, she was not in the mood to watch TV anymore.

Through the window, Lily could see that it was getting dark outside. She looked at the time again and found that it was only six o'clock in the afternoon. Maybe it was because the weather was getting cold that it got dark earlier.

She removed the blanket from her legs, put on her shoes and walked to the balcony. When she opened the French window, a gust of cold wind blew in.

She just shivered a little and adapted to the temperature outside.

The air conditioner and heating were used to maintain the comfortable temperature in the villa for almost three hundred and sixty-five days a year. However, as a pregnant woman, David said that Lily couldn't stay in such an environment for a long time and had to stay in a place with air circulation.

Since then, James had asked someone to change the air conditioner and heating in the villa, so Lily didn't feel cold when she stood on the balcony.

After James finished his work, he came to the room and found that the woman lying here had disappeared. Then he looked around and found that she was on the balcony.

With a coat in his hand, James walked towards the balcony. He lowered his footsteps, Lily didn't notice his footsteps.

"What are you thinking about? Isn't it cold outside? " James got close to Lily, put his coat on her, and held Lily in his arms.

Lily was surprised at first, but then she felt familiar and knew it was James. She felt warm when she was held in his arms, and her tone was a little lazy. "Why are you here? Have you finished your work? "

"I miss you. I come to see you." James rested his chin on Lily's shoulder, and his eyes fell on Lily's bulging belly. "And the baby."

As soon as he mentioned the baby, Lily couldn't help but touch her belly with her hands. With a gentle smile on her face, she said, "time flies. It's already five m

ey wanted to teach James a lesson, but when she looked in the direction of his gaze, she found the cautious and confused child inside.

She couldn't say anything to blame him.

"Alas." Shirley sighed as if she had been defeated. "Forget it..."

"Don't make her think too much," said James, withdrawing his gaze. "Her baby is the first child of the Ling Family. Think about it yourself."

After that, he entered the room.

Shirley was still standing there. How could she not know?

This was the first junior of the Ling Family, and also the first child of James. No one would be more eager to see James' child than Shirley. Even for this child, Shirley could only agree.

Seeing that James had entered the room and sat next to Lily, he seemed to be explaining to Lily.

On the contrary, Lily kept pushing him arrogantly. James glanced out of the window and met Shirley's eyes. Then he looked at Lily and stood up again.

"It's cold outside. Come in." James walked out and said to Shirley.

Looking at James, Shirley guessed that it was Lily who said that. She had seen what had just happened inside.

Therefore, James liked this child very much. Since the two of them loved each other, why didn't she agree?

"Okay," Shirley replied with a smile

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