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   Chapter 200 The Ending of Yan Family

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6465

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Zelda looked at the girl in front of him. It was her that made James and Lillias go through a long time.

He had thought that after her parents were imprisoned, she would be eager to leave or hide. It would not be like now, as if nothing had happened.

She sat in the living room. The clothes on her were not wrinkled at all, and the makeup on her face was exquisite. Even every hair was draped over her shoulders as if it had been carefully dressed.

Becky's parents were imprisoned, and the Yan Family's company declared bankruptcy.

As the saying goes, the couple were birds of the same feather. When a disaster came, they would fly separately. The couple would be like this, let alone the servants of the Yan Family. They had already packed up and taken away everything that could be taken away.

Ever since Zelda stepped into the Yan Family, he had known how frustrated there was.

The house, which was originally decorated with some features, was now scattered into pieces. As far as the living room is concerned, all the valuable decorations and playthings that can be moved away are not left behind.

She looked miserable, but Zelda didn't sympathize with the woman in front of him. She deserved it.

After the servant was gone, Becky found out the coffee beans and ground them carefully. Then she made coffee by herself. After making the coffee, she placed two cups on the table, pouring hot coffee into the cup while whispering," Since you're here, have a cup of coffee made by me."

Zelda glanced at her and said sarcastically, "well, Miss Becky made coffee. I may not have that good taste."

How could Becky not understand the disdain in his words.

But she didn't stop pouring coffee, as if she didn't care about it at all. "This is the first time I make coffee by myself. I didn't expect these things to be so complicated in the past. Now it's a little fun to do it."

"Unfortunately, there is no regr

done something wrong? Did I make a mistake from the very beginning?

However, there was no regret medicine in the world. Before the result came out, no one knew whether their choice was right or wrong.

Now that things had happened, it was better to make it worse. Anyway, there was nothing to be afraid of now.

But it was not easy to do something in front of James.

Becky had no choice but to make a bet. If she won, she would get the result of her efforts. If she lost, she would only lose her life.

After that, Becky went upstairs and went back to her room.

In fact, the servants not only moved all the things on the first floor, but also took away almost all the valuable clothes, bags and jewelry in Becky's and her parents' rooms.

Looking coldly at her messy room, Becky walked a few steps, bent over and picked up a lipstick, which was her usual color.

She walked to the mirror and applied the lipstick one point one. Her lips became more and more enchanting under her manipulation.

"Lillias." Becky looked at the mirror and whispered, "we will meet again."

Let's settle the score later.

Lying on the bed watching TV, Lily suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and short of breath. She took a glass of water and drank it. Then she felt a little better.

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