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   Chapter 198 I Can't Wait Any Longer

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 5506

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Why did this man suddenly say such words that made her blush and her heart beat faster! But she still blushed!

The affection in James' eyes seemed to melt Lily away. Lily didn't dare to take another look at him, nor did she dare to sink deeper. She turned her head a little to avoid James' gaze.

She breathed slowly, trying to reduce the burning on her face.

"Lily. "Said James in a magnetic voice.

The voice sounded like wearing a different color to Lily. Was it desire? Was it a taste? Or with some faint expectation?

Lily didn't answer James. All she wanted to do now was to tell herself not to be shy and calm down. She was still complaining why James called her like that at this time.

"Lily." This time, James not only called her name, but also stood up.

She didn't dare to see what James was doing. She only heard the sound of him gently moving the chair. Then, step by step, his shoes gently collided with the floor.

When she looked down, she saw his shoes. Lily kept staring at James' shoes and didn't dare to look up at him. She was afraid that he would see through her flushed face.

Looking at Lily who was as an ostrich and seemed to want to hide herself, James couldn't help but feel funny. As far as James knew, Lily must be shy.

"Lily, look at me." James squatted in front of Lily and looked at her.

"What are you doing?" Lily raised her voice, trying to cheer herself up. She was really a child.

Looking at Lily's red face, the desire in James' body was like a sleeping beast. He would not be willing to be calm after waking up.

"My baby is three months old, right?" James' big hand gently touched

ing at the girl in his arms, he smiled helplessly.

"If it weren't for your belly, I wouldn't have let you go. How could you still think about this?" After saying that, James tapped the tip of Lily's nose with his finger.

She breathed evenly and should be asleep.

The night was quiet. Lying next to Lily, James closed his eyes.

Lily had a dream at night. She dreamed that she went out for a walk with James, but her belly was very big, and even looked a little scary.

As she walked, she suddenly found that James was missing! She looked for him for a long time, but still couldn't find him. Then it began to rain. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, as if it was going to leave Lily in the rain.

Because of the heavy rain, the visibility was very poor, but Lily saw a person walking towards her with a red umbrella. The umbrella covered the woman's face. She didn't know who the woman was.

But the woman suddenly laughed sadly, it's like the last hate of a dying man.

Lily was so frightened that she opened her eyes abruptly and didn't come to herself for a long time.

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