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   Chapter 197 Negotiate or Discuss

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Because it was weekend, Quincy stayed in the villa.

However, Quincy didn't share a bed with Lily. It was not that James didn't allow it, but that Quincy herself didn't dare. Now that Lily was pregnant, Quincy was worried that she might not sleep well. If she hurt Lily she might regret to death.

After dinner, Quincy went to bed directly because she didn't take a nap.

Lily nap during the day was taken out for a walk by James.

This time, James took Lily out of the villa and walked a little further.

Lily could hold James' hand. His hand was so big that he could hold it in her hand.

James was still wearing a shirt, but he was not so serious because he was at home. He rolled up his sleeves, revealing his wrist.

Lily could see the red rope she gave him. She felt happy and held James' hand tighter.

"Are you cold?" James thought Lily was cold, so he moved closer to her.

"No, I'm not." Lily was comfortable to wear home clothes. Although it was not as hot as summer, it was not cold at dusk. The temperature was just right.

"If it's cold, let's go back." Although they were still in the villa area, it was a little late. After coming out for a long time, James was still worried.

Looking ahead, Lily said, "let's go a little longer."

The place in front of Lily was the place where she had fed stray cats before.

After the car accident, James didn't let Lily to feed the cats anymore, but he promised Lily to send the cats nearby to the hospital, do examination and treatment, and then send them to the rescue center, making sure that they would have a good home.

The two of them walked closer and looked around, but didn't find a cat. Lily turned to James and asked," have all the cats been taken away? There seems to be no one here. "

"Yes, all of them have been sent away." James replied indifferently.

"I remember that although the

ile and drew closer to Lily. "Tell me."

"Yes, it's about the discussion of James going back to the company." Said Lily with a smile.

"No." James refused Lily's talk with a smile. No matter how busy he was, he hoped to accompany Lily until the baby was born.

"Listen to me. I'm almost recovered. My baby is three months old and has almost stabilized. So you can go back to the company and do your own business." Lily knew what James was worried about.

James looked at Lily, but the latter didn't seem to be joking. "Lily, I've missed my judgment once. Now, I won't be wrong again."

After a short pause, Lily grabbed James' hand from the table and said," ah, it's different now. I was silly before, but now I know it. So I promise to be obedient and take good care of myself and the baby strictly according to the doctor. Don't worry. "

James held Lily's hand in his hand and said, "so, I have to supervise you strictly."

After thinking for a while, Lily came up with the last reason, "Okay, but think about it. If our baby is born and grows up and finds out that his father doesn't go to work, do you think this is a good example?"

"But I will love you and him very much." James looked at Lily with affection.

Lily was stunned.

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