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   Chapter 141 Because I'm Worried About You

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6668

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"Come on! Why are you doing this? " After saying that, Lily covered her mouth to stop James from approaching her. She was too shy to look at him in that way!

Now that Lily didn't let James approach her, James kept approaching her. "I want to taste something else," he said.

"Try what?" Lily couldn't help but cover her mouth and speak to James. Behind her was the table. He made her have no way back.

"Wait a minute." Although James' words were hard to understand, there was still a smile on his face.

Lily didn't understand what James meant. All she wanted was that James could pull some distance away from her. She was seized by a sense of crisis and couldn't think straight.

"I'm going to take a shower. Wait me for a moment." He stopped teasing her.

After watching James enter the bathroom, Lily heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at herself in the mirror to make sure there was no dirt on her mouth. She then sat on the couch watching TV. She kept changing channels, but none of them seemed to be interesting. She put the remote control aside and sat on the sofa, looking out of the window.

The sound of the TV was not loud, and it didn't affect Lily at all.

When James walked out of the bathroom, he saw Lily lying on the sofa and looking outside listlessly, which made his heart ache.

He walked over and held Lily in his arms, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I was in a daze." Lily gave a smile and looked out of the window again.

"Let me take you out." James thought that Lily would be boring. She had been staying in the hotel since she came to C Town. How could she bear it?

Lily turned to look at James. Surprise was in her eyes. "Really? But you must be very busy with your work. I can't delay your work. " Lily did mean that she wanted to go out for fun, but compared to James' job, she could wait.

"Don't worry. I'll arrange my work. Go change your clothes and I'll take you out." Originally, James planned to spend more time with Lily after he finish

she had eaten, she still bought a lot of food on the way. Not only did she have to eat by herself, but she had to have James eat with her. James couldn't tell if he was really hungry or he just wanted to please Lily, so he ate the food with her all the time.

Walking to a small square, Lily wanted to take James to the mountain of the square and have a rest with him. But suddenly it began to rain, and the rain was so heavy that it hit the ground as if it were dispersed black dots.

The sudden rain made James and Lily stunned for a while. On the other hand, James was the first to react to the rain. Holding Lily in his arms, they walked towards the shelter.

The crowd panicked all of a sudden. However, in this chaotic place, Lily raised her head to look at James' side face. At this moment, she felt very quiet, as if there were only the two of them in this world.

The square was very open and far away from the shelter. After walking for a while, James simply stood at the roadside with Lily, and the car to pick them up would come soon. They went back directly.

In addition to the bodyguards around James, Zelda also arranged a car to wait not far away, which just came in handy.

After a short while, the car stopped in front of James and Lily. Seeing this, James immediately placed Lily back into the car.

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