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   Chapter 140 Get Nothing In The End

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6626

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Of course, James didn't go to the meeting at all. Instead, he went downstairs and entered another room in the hotel. And Zelda was waiting there.

At the moment James entered the room, the air inside was stifling. And then air turned to be suffocating.

Standing by the window, He could see the panoramic view of the C Town. It seemed that the city was not a prosperous city, and it could even be said to be a place where people could live. But why there were so many things happening here.

As soon as James didn't say a word, nobody dared make a sound in the room. Even the people in the monitoring room lowered their voice deliberately, indicating that they were quiet.

"Tell me, what happened?" Silence was not the best solution, so James looked out of the window and asked.

The others exchanged looks with each other and realized that James's question was hard to answer. Zelda stood out to give a reply.

"It's all our fault." Zelda believed that James would be angry.

"Mistake?" He turned around and looked at everyone with his sharp eyes. "Anyone who serves me shouldn't have made a mistake."

Zelda lowered his head. He knew that everyone who had made a big mistake was going to be punished, and he was the only one who could stand up for them. "Mr. James, we did control that police, and we know his regular lifestyle very well. We are waiting for you to come. But we didn't expect you to be here and there was something wrong with this section."

Speaking of this, Zelda got very angry. Originally, this person was originally a turtle in a jar, but this person suddenly disappeared. He looked for all the surveillance videos, but did not find any trace. But what was more strange was that there were no strange things happening here.

"Do you believe in coincidence?" James suddenly asked Zelda.

"Coincidence?" Zelda thought for a while and shook her head, "I don't believe it."

"If it wasn't a coincidence, what else could it be?" As James's eyes

energy and time to him, but now she had not found anything, so she was very depressed.

James stood up and walked to the door. "Take it easy. We'll find it one day." After saying that, James walked out of the room. He has been away from Lily for too long time, and he is a little uneasy.

Zelda had thought that he would be punished. But after hearing what James said, he was stunned. After James walked out of the room, Zelda began to wonder if it was the power of love. James had changed so much. Zelda thought he had to flatter Lily more time. After all, if Lily was really happy, he must be in a good mood.

Just as Zelda had expected, Lily had just finished dinner before James returned to his room. As soon as James went back to the room, she dashed towards the door.

The food served in the hotel looked delicious. Lily had a good appetite. Since James came in, she had been telling him the dishes all the time, as if to show off that James hadn't had a good fortune to eat.

When he walked to the dining table, he glanced at the dishes on it. Being very satisfied with Lily's appetite, looking at Lily, James smiled.

While Lily was talking, James suddenly reached out and wiped the soup away from his mouth. He put the soup straight into his own mouth, looked at Lily and said, "hmm, it tastes good."

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