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   Chapter 137 James's Childishness

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6548

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Jonathan looked at them through the window. He didn't go out because he was still a little angry with James. He stared at Lily quietly. Although the child was afraid in front of him, she was still very active outside. Looking at Lily with healthy appearance, Jonathan was very gratified.

After all, James just let Lily play for a while, but Lily made a lot of cotton candies, but James didn't let Lily eat all of them. Worrying that she would eat too much sweet food and lose her appetite, James gave them to the servants of the Ling Family.

Poor Molly kept its eyes on one side. Taking advantage of James's inattention, Lily gave Molly a small piece to taste. Of course, James knew that clearly, but he kept silent.

Today, Shirley was very happy and decided to make a big dinner. She asked Esther to prepare the food, and she herself cooked. Even those who didn't have any discernment knew how important Lillias was in this family. Thus, everyone in the Ling Family was respectful to her.

During the meal, Shirley put all her attention on Lily and she didn't eat much, but kept picking out the fish bones for Lily. Only after Lily finished the food did Shirley feel happy.

On the other hand, with Shirley's urging Lily to eat, James also looked more relaxed. It seemed that Shirley now loved Lily completely because of the generations, but if Shirley knew the real identity of Lily, what would she act? Will she like Lily as before?

After the meal, Shirley didn't want to let Lily go, but James insisted. Lily was sandwiched between Shirley and James. Lily was in a dilemma.

As a result, because of the problem whether Lily would stay or not, the atmosphere between James and Shirley had become stiff. Both of them didn't want to compromise. In an instant, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Seeing that, Lily walked up to Shirley and held her hand, whispering in her ear.

Although Ken said something to Debbie Ling, Esther Ling's mother

then called Zelda, "are you sure?"

"Our people observed for a long time, and there was nothing unexpected." The report was still in Zelda's hand.

"Do as planned." James frowned.

"Yes, sir. I've asked all the people to be dispatched to monitor him, and I've only kept one of them. We can trust who we've arranged afterwards." Zelda was aware of the importance of this matter. He had put lots of efforts on choosing the right person. He didn't dare to neglect it. In particular, the people arranged this time were all specially trained, and they must ensure the safety of James.

"I'll take Lillias there this time. As for that person, I'll see him tonight. Arrange it well and don't let Lillias meet." James suddenly felt that the matter was tricky, but he had to take Lily.

A few days later, Lily's birthday came. It was the first time that James and Lily celebrated their birthday together. He didn't want to leave a regret to Lily, so he decided to take Lily along this time.

"Ok, Mr. James. I'll arrange it."

James hung up the phone and rubbed his eyebrows. It seemed that he couldn't be careless this time. Everything was unknown when he went to the C Town. However, no matter whether the matter was successful or not, he would not let Lily get hurt, nor make her leave any regret.

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