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   Chapter 131 Becky Came to the Villa

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Feeling Lily's eyes, Becky smiled at her and said," go home now. I'll take a taxi home. You go first. We'll be in trouble if the wind gets stronger."

It was raining heavily, and the wind was strong. So, Lily was worried about Becky. She thought for a while and said, "how about you go back with us? I'm worried about you if you stay here. Let's go to my house first."

"No, thanks. "Becky shook her head, "I don't want to bother you. I can take a taxi."

As soon as she finished speaking, a gust of strong wind mixed with the rain blew over, and the three of them all trembled in cold.

"No, you go back with us. You get on the car first." Regardless of Becky's refusal, Lily asked the driver to hold an umbrella for Becky and took her into the car. After Becky got in, the driver came back to pick up Lily.

After getting in the car, she felt the temperature was not so low. The driver handed them a towel and let them wipe off the rain on their bodies.

With a towel in her hands, Becky looked a little worried. "I'm afraid it's not appropriate for me to go with you. Your family will mind." Lily told Becky that her mother passed away and now she was living in the house of James.

Lily wiped the rain on her body, and then turned around. She took the towel of Becky as she wiped the rain for her," it's okay. The wind is so strong outside and the rain is so heavy. I won't be relieved if you stay there."

Lily wanted to say something more, but her phone suddenly rang. It was James calling.

"Have you gotten in the car? Did you get wet in the rain? Do you feel cold? " Looking out of the window, James was still worried about the safety of Lily under the dense and horrible drizzle.

On the other side of the phone, Lily smiled sweetly, "I got in the car. I didn't get wet, I'm fine."

"That's good. Go home now." James was at ease with the driver.

"What about you?" Lily asked.

"Me? What's wrong with me? "James asked.

k them to the third floor. By setting up the projection room and the entertainment room alone, Quincy was so astonished that she could even put an egg in her mouth. But later, there was a room full of puppets, which surprised Quincy even more.

Normally, people wouldn't have prepared a room for their puppets? As an indifferent and serious man, James probably did such a thing just because of Lily.

"Wow, you are so enviable." Although Quincy was not interested in the puppet, she sincerely blessed Lily in her heart when she saw the room.

"Right, I'm so envious of you," said Becky

"Well, let's go downstairs and play in my room." Instead of taking them to the back room, Lily took them straight to her room.

As soon as they entered Lily's room, Quincy fell down on the carpet, while Becky sat on the sofa in silence.

Through the French windows of the room, they could see that it was still raining outside. Lily sat near the window so that she could chat with them and look outside at the same time. Of course, what she wanted to see was James. How could she not be worried in such a heavy rain.

The three of them sat in the room talking, not knowing how long the time had passed, and there was no sign of the rain stopping.

However, Lily had noticed that James had come back!

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