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   Chapter 130 It Is Raining Cats And Dogs.

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6593

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They went shopping as soon as they entered the mall. It should be the first time they went out since Lily recovered from the disease, so they inevitably wanted to visit every place. Soon they forgot the arrangements of the Electronic Game City.

After they went into a few shops, they each held a cup of drink and strode towards the street, hand in hand.

After they were tired, Lily and Quincy found a place to sit down and took out their mobile phones. Lily saw the message from Becky, which was sent at the very beginning. Perhaps Lily didn't notice before.

Becky asked them what they were going to do today and said that she felt bored at home alone.

"Quincy, how about we call Becky over? We three used to play together before. Anyway, Becky has nothing to do today, so we can call her over. What do you think?" Lily thought for a while, it might because that they three used to be together. Becky became alone all of a sudden. At that moment, Becky might feel a little lonely.

Quincy took a big gulp and looked at Lily, "sure. I'm fine with it. If she comes here to play, I will be very happy." Quincy didn't hate Becky at all, so she didn't reject Becky to come here now.

With the permission of Quincy, Lily made a call to Becky.

After a while, Becky said sweetly on the phone, "Hello, Lily. What are you doing? You didn't reply my message."

"I'm sorry. I didn't notice it." Speaking of this, Lily apologized in a soft voice.

"Okay. What are you doing? It's so boring for me to stay at home. " Speaking of this, Becky's voice became a little aggrieved.

"I'm shopping with Quincy. If you want, you can come to find us. How about playing together?" Lily asked for Becky's opinion.

"Wow! Where? I come to find you. " Becky's voice was full of joy.

Lily gave the address to Becky. Becky said that she would set out immediately to find them. Lily hung up the phone and sat there waiting for her.

After hanging up the phone, Becky checked t


"Now the weather changed. Maybe it's going to rain soon. And there will be strong wind. It's not safe and you should go home early. " According to James's orders, the driver called Lily when the weather changed, but no one answered the phone. So he had no choice but to tell James. After calling Lily several times, James finally found Lily. He looked at the dark sky outside, feeling a little worried.

"Okay, we'll go home right now." After hanging up the phone, Lily smiled apologetically to Quincy and Becky. "We have to go home now. It's going to rain. It's not safe."

"Okay, let's get out of here," said Becky.

Quincy had no other opinion. She guessed that it was James who had called Lily. It seemed that James was very serious about Lily, and it could be seen from every detail in the life.

Then they took the elevator to the first floor of the mall. Lily called the driver, and the driver had already been waiting outside.

Before they even walked out of the mall gate, they heard a loud thunder. Then, bean sized rain poured down, seeming to be so fierce as if it was going to dig a hole in the ground.

The driver parked the car outside and took an umbrella to pick Lily up.

Lily gave a look at the rain outside and the wild wind, and then looked at Becky with a little worry.

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