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   Chapter 127 Sleep In My Room Tonight

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6661

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Looking at Lily's frowning, Quincy withdrew her hand and said, "it's okay. After all, he is James. I don't know much about what kind of goods it is."

Finally, Lily put down the DHP Tea. She chose a small box and started to make tea for James.

When she served it to James, she had observed the expression on his face. But since Lily had appeared in front of him, he had been wearing a smile on his face, and there was nothing different.

Sitting on the sofa, Quincy felt a little weird. When she looked around the room carefully, she found something strange. Three people sat in the living room watching TV, without talking, just watching TV, and two people leaned against each other. What a weird picture.

Quincy adjusted her position somewhat uneasily, and was discovered by Lily.

Lily moved to the side of Quincy and asked, "what's wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"Ah! I remembered. I'm going to take a shower. You can go on watching TV. " Quincy felt that he had to leave this weird place as soon as possible.

Looking at the somewhat hurried figure of Quincy, Lily felt strange. This was not how Quincy was usually like. Quincy had also been here before, and she was not a person who couldn't behave at ease. Then, there was only one reason, which was...

"Why are you looking at me?" As soon as James spoke, he grabbed Lily by the arms, making her head fall directly on his legs.

To be more exact, Lily looked at James's chin, on which there was the unique cyan color of an adult man. She adjusted her position to make herself more comfortable. "It seems that Quincy is not used to it, what do you think?"

"I didn't notice." James was watching TV, but one of his hands naturally began to massage Lily's wrist.

Lily was used to being massaged by James, so she didn't pay much attention to his massage. Now she was thinking about how to make Quincy be more open-minded. "Will you be unhappy when I take Quincy back home?"

If it is said by employees o

idn't know if she was asleep. She had to go downstairs and call Quincy.

As soon as Lily went downstairs, James had just come back with a glass of milk in his hand. Seeing Lily frowning, James stood beside her.

Lily picked up her phone and realized that Quincy had sent messages to her. Maybe she didn't hear the messages ring.

"Lillias! I'm going to bed! I get used to sleeping on my own! I'm used to sleeping alone! You can sleep somewhere else! I sleep soundly! And I have morning temperament! So! Don't call me! Good night! "

Quincy like to sleep alone? She gets used to sleeping alone? Why don't I know that? Didn't she sleep with me last time she came to the villa? What's going on today?

'forget it. Now that Quincy has been asleep, There are many empty rooms in the villa. I can just choose one, ' Lily thought.

As soon as James saw the message, he smiled and thought, 'it's not a bad thing to have one more person. At least, I can say something openly.' "Sleep in my room tonight."

"I'll sleep in the guest room." Lily looked at James, 'why is he smiling?'

"The guest room hasn't been cleaned for a long time." James immediately took away Lily's phone and handed her the milk.

Lily drank the milk while thinking. She remembered that someone came to clean this place. How could it be not clean?

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