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   Chapter 126 I Have To Give It A Shot

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6901

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After taking a shower and changing into a comfortable home wear, Lily went out wiping her somewhat wet hair. Seeing that Quincy sat there in a deep thought, Lily sat down by her side and asked, "what are you thinking about? Would you like to take a shower? "

"Ah! No. I'll do it later. " Quincy seemed to be startled by Lily's sudden appearance.

Lily stood up to grab her phone and looked at the time on the screen. It was still some time before James came back from work. She thought it would be a good chance for her to make dinner before he came back.

"Then you can take a bath later. I'll go downstairs to have a look, and prepare dinner later. You can taste the dishes I make today." Lily smiled at Quincy and put the towel into the bathroom. Then she went downstairs to the kitchen.

After Lily's leaving, Quincy still sat there.

Lily went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There were a lot of food but she didn't know what to do. Lily thought carefully about what James had done these days. It seemed that she had to make a difference to butter him up.

When Quincy came to the kitchen, she saw Lily watching a pile of food materials in a daze. Quincy walked over and waved her hand in front of Lily. Then Lily raised her head and Quincy said, "what are you staring at?"

Lily felt like she found her savior, "come on, help me think about it, what should I do? I don't know what to do with so many ingredients. "

Looking at the food material in front of Lily, Quincy spread his hands and said, "I don't know these things. How about I help you check them online?"

There was no other way. They had searched online for a long time and found that it was difficult to find a dish that was not only suitable for James's taste but also easy to make.

In the end, Lily decided to make a few Chinese dishes. It seemed that she could only cook Chinese food.

Since she had decided on the dish style, Lily began to prepare.

Quincy was holding an apple and enjoying it while looking at Lily. Her hair was tied back casually, and her eyes we

e table.

James sat on the couch, and Lily was ready to make a cup of tea for him. Quincy followed her. She didn't want to stay with him anymore.

When Lily was holding a cup of tea, Quincy next to her caught a glimpse of the sandalwood box in Lily's hand. When Lily opened the box and was about to take it, Quincy caught Lily's hand all of a sudden.

"You, are you going to make tea with this?" Quincy looked at Lily in shock.

"What's wrong? Is there a problem? " Lily looked at the box in her hand and felt a little confused.

"I don't think James can do that. This is DHP Tea which is packed in sandalwood box. Besides, According to James's value, it's probably from the mother tree. It should be collected. Are you sure you want to make this kind of tea in this way? " Quincy remembered once that her father was also crazy about tea. He was usually very tall and heavy, but he suddenly began to study about some kinds of tea. Even though Quincy couldn't quite understand her father, but he knew some representative tea under the influence of his father.

Then Lily began to look carefully at the things in her hand. Last time she had made tea for James, she had also felt that the tea was unique. Now after hearing what Quincy said, she finally understood. But James hadn't mentioned anything about it back then. 'What could I do if it is really so precious.'

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