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   Chapter 125 Quincy Live In The Villa Temporarily

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While Lily and Quincy were chatting randomly, one person suddenly sat beside the two of them and asked, "Why are you sitting here? It's so hot today. Why are you still sitting here? "

"Hey, you are here, Becky." Lily greeted Becky.

"Do you want to eat ice-cream, Becky? It's my treat today. " Quincy grinned.

"No, you look so happy today. Is there anything good?" Becky looked at Quincy in a good mood and asked casually.

"That's right. Quincy can go home late on this summer vacation!" Lily explained to Becky with a smile after giving Quincy a look.

After putting away the umbrella, Becky asked, "really! That's good. "

"Yes! It's so rare for my father to tell me this year. It's so hot at home that all of us are going out for the summer holiday now. He asked me not to go back first. When they have chosen a place for the summer holiday, they will let me go directly. " Hearing the news, Quincy was very happy. God knew how much she wanted to go back late. She felt grateful for the high temperature and the summer.

"Where are you going these days? Going on a trip or staying in the A City?" Becky thought about her arrangement for the summer vacation carefully.

"I think I might stay in A City. Um, let's talk about it later. We have spent a lot of time and energy in the exam, so we should relax ourselves. " Quincy took a bite of the food in his hand and was particularly happy.

After thinking for a while, Lily suddenly slapped her thigh and said, "yes! Quincy, you can come to my house. I will be worried if you stay at somewhere alone these days. And I can't go out often. How about you come to my house directly? "

Lily and Quincy had a good relationship. If Quincy was willing to live in the villa, Lily would not be so lonely. They could do something interesting together.

Quincy thought carefully about Lily's suggestion. After taking the last bite, she replied, "I don't think it's a good idea. I don't want to disturb you." Of course, Quincy had a deeper meaning.

Lily understood Quincy, there must be some deeper meani

l be angry." Lily had come up with her trump card. It seemed that Quincy wouldn't go there without some harsh moves.

Hearing what Lily had said, Quincy had no choice but to stop mentioning it. However, in her heart, James was not a flood or a beast, but a more terrible existence than a flood or a beast.

She had been very nervous all the way until they arrived at the villa.

When they arrived at the villa, it was still early and James hadn't come back yet. Since James wasn't around, Quincy wasn't so nervous anymore. After all, Quincy didn't have to face him right away.

She had already been here once, so Quincy was quite familiar with this place. He followed Lily to her room, put away her luggage and wanted to take a shower. Then she began to think about her own business.

Now that she had come here, it was difficult for her to leave right away. Quincy thought about it carefully. 'now that James and Lillias are a couple, they should want to enjoy their time alone since Lara not here, ' Quincy thought. 'Although Lillias invited me to come here, it was not appropriate for me to accept the invitation without hesitation.'

If it were an ordinary person, it would make sense. But it was James. Even Quincy could not tell if he dared to face his eyes. I have to do something that will satisfy James.

A good thing that could satisfy James was coming!

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