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   Chapter 124 As If Nothing Had Happened

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6882

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For Lily and Quincy, the first lesson in the morning was Luke's lesson.

Although Lily and Luke were very familiar with each other, in school, Luke always treated all the people with same attitude in order not to let Lily be attacked by rumors.

But today, Lily seemed to feel that Luke was a little different. During today's class, Luke seemed to have given Lily a few more looks. He seemed to have thought about something. But when Lily looked towards them, Luke looked away. It was hard for Lily to look clearly.

When the class was over, Lily slowly collected her belongings. She planned to ask Luke about it after they left.

There were only Lily and Quincy left in the classroom. Luke had just packed his things.

"Mr. Luke", seeing that Luke had packed up his belongings, Lily came to him and stopped him.

Luke raised his head and looked at Lily. The tender smile on his face was still the same as before, making people feel warm and gentle, like the spring breeze blowing over.

Lily went to the platform, looked at Luke and asked, "is there anything you want to say to me? You looked a little different just now. What's wrong?"

"Yes, you are right." Luke took out a packed box from under the platform with a smile, and put it in front of Lily, "My mom misses you so much. She hasn't seen you for a long time. When she is free at home, she made some dessert. She asked me to bring it to you. Take it."

Lily took the heavy dessert box from Luke's hand. It seemed that Lara had helped a lot. She said, "I miss Lara too. But soon, the final exam of this semester will come. After that, I will go to see Lara."

"Okay, I'll tell her. I'll go. I have other classes." Luke picked up his bag and went out.

Looking at Luke's receding figure, Lily felt a little depressed. She had planned to ask Luke if he could help her with her study. She had so many classes left behind in this semester that the final exam was coming soon. Lily didn't know whether she could pass the exam smoothly. Watching Luke walking out, Lily was embarrassed to st

t in a hurry to finish the final exam of the semester.

Listening to the cicada's call from the tree outside, Lily was doing the problem, and suddenly she was a little fidgety. She had to stop writing and tried to calm down.

After a long time, some people started to hand in papers one after another. Not until then did Lily feel calm, and she began to answer questions. Finally, Lily finished her papers and handed in. Although the last exam didn't go so smoothly, the good thing was that Lily insisted on finishing the exam papers.

At the end of the last test, Lily and Quincy were sitting at the door of a supermarket, each with ice-cream in their hands. They saw that someone was dragging a suitcase out of the supermarket and heading back home in a happy mood.

"Do you feel this scene a little familiar?" Quincy asked Lily.

"It is similar to the period of military training." Lily and Quincy smiled knowingly.

"How time flies! We were still primary school students in last summer. And after this summer, we became the senior female schoolmate." Sighed Quincy.

"No, no, No. you're senior male schoolmate. Ha-ha-ha, maybe one of your junior female schoolmates will confess their love to you this year!" Lily said to Quincy in a teasing tone.

"Eat your ice-cream?" Thinking of the misunderstanding in the past, Quincy could not find a good answer.

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