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   Chapter 122 I Love You

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6382

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On the way home, Lily looked at James's face carefully, wondering if he would be angry because of what she had just said, so she didn't say anything all the way.

"Are you angry?" Lily asked carefully, while tightening her grip on her finger.

While driving, James only gave Lily a look and asked, "what's wrong? Why do you ask so? "

"Just now, I thought you were angry about what I said about Becky," Lily said her words again, and James's tone seemed normal.

All of a sudden, James stopped the car at the roadside. Lily looked at him in confusion. She didn't know why he suddenly stopped the car. It seemed that everything was normal just now.

"Lily." With one hand holding the steering wheel, James took Lily's hand with another hand. Looking at Lily, he said, "Lily. You know, I'll be more attentive to you, but I never care about others. Since I came to pick you up today, I just want to spend a period of time quietly with you. If we have an outsider, we will be uncomfortable. So I'm not angry. I just care about you so much. "

James said sincerely. With his character, it was already very hard for him to say so many words at one time. James just met Lily, he became unlike himself.

Hearing what James said, Lily immediately realized that she was too mean. She had thought that he would be angry. It seemed that she had thought too much. In order to apologize, Lily's hand was still held by James's hand. She stroked it lightly in his palm. Then she looked at him with a smile and said, "okay."

I know you care about me, and I know how specially you treat me.

"Open it." James took a box from the back seat and handed it to Lily.

Lily took the box over and opened it with a big smile on her face, "when did you buy the cake? " Lily looked at the cake in her hand and was a little familiar with the pink shape.

"I bought it on the way that I pick you up. Have a taste." Lookin

oached Lily and not be hated by Quincy. Sometimes Lily went back home. When Quincy had nothing to do at school, he came out and met Becky. The two of them sometimes ran for a while and chatted with each other quite well.

Sometimes, Becky would bring a lot of food from home for Lily and Quincy, which all were made by Becky's mother. The friendship between girls was very sudden and very fierce. Moreover, her mother had cooked something for them with the trace of the place where she used to live. Lily thanked Becky even more for that.

They always enjoyed Becky's kindness, which made both Lily and Quincy embarrassed. In the past, Lily always brought breakfasts for Quincy. Now, even though the breakfasts were not made from expensive materials, they were also brought for Becky by Lily and they showed Lily's heart.

As for Becky, she was very grateful for Lily. She held Lily's hands and leaned her head against Lily's head. she said in a sweet voice, "thank you! Thank you! You are so kind to me!"

The happiest thing is that other people know your kindness. As for Becky, Lily indeed liked her.

Except that they didn't know how to share what had happened between Zen and James, the three of them became the iron men's team. They spoke every single word

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