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   Chapter 121 Pick Up Lily From School

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A few moments later, James arrived at A University. He parked his car not far from the gate of the school, and was about to send message to Lily when he took out his phone. He glanced at the cake and then put away his phone. Anyway, he decided to give her a surprise.

After the last class, Lily left with Quincy. She had to send Quincy to her dormitory first, and then went to find the driver before going home.

After sending Quincy to her dorm, Lily made her way to the entrance of the University. When she was about to take out her phone, someone called her.

"Lily! What a coincidence! We met again. " It was her first time to meet the woman called Fuyi. She walked towards her with a smile, and held the woman's arm tightly, as if they were very close to each other.

Lily didn't get used to Becky's approaching, but she didn't think it was a good idea to turn her down. "What a coincidence," Lily answered, smiling.

"By the way, where are you going? Are you going out?" Becky saw that Lily was walking towards the school gate, and then asked.

"Well I will go home. " Lily thought for a while and decided to tell Becky the truth, hoping that after she said so, Becky could say goodbye to her.

"You didn't live in the school! That's great! I'm so envious of you. But I also want to go home today. How about we go back together? " When Becky spoke, her expression was full of joy and sincerity.

Since Lily didn't know how to refuse Becky, she could only ask the driver to send her home later. Lily couldn't take another car, otherwise, if James knew that, he would be very worried.

The two of them walked out. On their way to the gate, they kept chatting about the things happened in the past between them. It could be seen that Becky was a talkative person. Even though Lily's response was not as enthusiastic as that of Becky, the atmosphere between them was not cold.

It was not easy to take out the phone as she was chatting with Becky. When they arrived at the

go to another place. On second thought, she agreed. She couldn't delay him coming back.

Lily had no choice but to say to Becky, "I'm sorry. I don't know we should go somewhere else today."

"It doesn't matter. I can go home myself. If I go home too late, my parents will call me again. You go first. Bye! " With a big smile on his face, Becky seemed to not mind James's refusal at all.

Looking at the smile on Becky's face, Lily was even more guilty. But she had to say goodbye to her and got on the car after saying goodbye.

After Lily's seat belt was tied, James got on the car and drove away. During the whole process, he didn't pay any attention to Becky.

Becky fixed her eyes on them the whole time as they left.

There were a lot of people going to and fro in front of the gate of the school, and many of them had seen this scene. They saw that James and Lily went into the car, but Becky stood still, gossiping about them.

Paying no attention to the surrounding sight, Becky stood still and took out the phone. When she saw the thing on the screen, the smile on her face became more meaningful. She had a feeling that she must get it.

On the screen, it was James's picture!

"So soon, we meet. Don't blame me, it's you who introduce him to me. " Then she put away her phone and took a taxi home.

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