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   Chapter 119 Neighbors in Childhood

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6925

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After going to the amusement park together, they became closer to each other, Lily, in particular, became more natural when getting along with James. Under the condition that James kept his promise, Lily would not reject his kiss.

The unfettered days passed too quickly

Anyway, the Ling Group couldn't short of James. Only he could make a better decision on many important matters. As a result, he had to come to the company.

After communicating with Quincy for a long time, Lily had been well prepared to go to school these days. She read through what she hadn't learnt and went back to school obediently.

She had thought that she would be bombarded with countless questions, but when she arrived at the school, she found that everyone only welcomed her back. This lightened the atmosphere.

That was to say, Quincy was the happiest after Lily returning to school.

Quincy had had enough of her own days, having classes alone. Hearing that Lily came back, Quincy was moved to tears. As a result, she dragged her to the Four Seasons Restaurant. This time, they would have a good meal.

When Quincy and Lily walked in the Four Seasons Restaurant, its boss didn't notice them. But with Quincy's loud voice, the boss soon discovered Lily. It had been a long time since they met last time. Though the boss didn't say anything, Lily could see warmth in his eyes.

"Good morning, boss!" Lily sat down and said hello to the owner of the restaurant. She hadn't been here for a long time, but she still behaved so kindly when she met him.

"You came so early." The restaurant owner brought two glasses of water to them.

"Exactly! We are coming as soon as class is over! You know, it has been a long time since the last time Lillias came here, so... " Quincy said to the owner with a smile.

"So, she ordered a free meal. You paid for your own meal." The boss rejected Quincy without any hesitation, fully understanding what she was thinking.

"OK!" Quincy gave a gesture to the boss, indicating that she was obedient this time. Her real purpose was achieved

Quincy took another bite.

"I also think it is inconceivable. I remember that when she was a child, she lives next to my family. It seems that she moved a long time ago because her father has a good business. We haven't contacted each other since she moved out. " Lily said, remembering what had happened in her childhood. After Becky moved away, she found that white building was still there. Her former home was next to the white building, a short house with a small room, but her mother had been cleaning it in a very warm manner.

Then she told Quincy about the house she once lived in. During the dinner, Lily chatted with Quincy and laughed secretly from time to time.

However, when Becky walked out from the Four Seasons Restaurant the people who had been waiting for her had caught up with her in a hurry.

"Who was in there! Look at what she wears. They are all limited editions. If they are real, she must not be an ordinary rich woman. " When Becky entered the room, the man had noticed the girl who was talking to her. She was a lady of famous brand, which was difficult to ignore.

Becky stopped and stared at that man. With a mocking look on her face, she snapped, "what does it have to do with you? Look at yourself first. I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to be your girlfriend. "

The man's face turned pale while hearing what Becky said.

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