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   Chapter 118 Date in the Amusement Park

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6786

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Both of them were ready to go. Since they had made up their minds, they started to plan for going to the amusement park.

Neither Lily nor James wanted to go too far, so they went to A City's amusement park, which was fully equipped. Lily had been there with Quincy once before, but there was a long line. After a while, they left. It was the working day today, so there wouldn't be so many people. Lily thought they would be able to do all the rides.

The sun was still dazzling, so they decided to go to there at night. After having dinner at home, they changed their clothes. Lily had seen James in sports clothes in the small town. She was not as surprised as before, but she couldn't help admiring his good looks.

This time, James wanted Lily to have a romantic relationship with him. That was what she was meant to experience at her age, and even though it was naive and ridiculous for James, he would be there for Lily.

After getting in the most common car, James and Lily headed for the spot.

After James parked the car at the amusement park, they went to the line to buy the tickets.

As Lily had expected, there were really few people on weekdays. But Lily had found a problem. It seemed that many people would secretly look at them. And the gaze from all directions made her feel a little uncomfortable.

The reason why those people stared at them was nothing more than that they were eye-catching when they stayed together, and they would pay more attention to them unconsciously. However, there were also some people who studied James more carefully. After all, the Ling Group had an unshakable position in A City, and naturally, it had an indescribable influence on them. Now that they had seen James, they were guessing who he was.

After they bought the tickets, Lily walked into the amusement park and looked around meekly. Then she walked towards the park with James by her arm. She took out two peaked cap and wore them on both of their heads. Lily was less upset.

"I only care about you." James

want to eat you. " As soon as James finished saying that, he was satisfied to see the shy expression on Lily's face. When he felt that her hand was held tighter, he said, "try all of them. You will like them anyway."

What he said was true. When Lily watched them all the way, there was almost an expression on her face - "I want to eat them all"

James really bought all kinds of food in the catering area and put them in front of Lily. Everyone else looked at Lily, as if they were surprised at the fact that this stout girl had such a good appetite. Lily was a little embarrassed, but it was not a big deal when it came to those delicious food.

While eating, she didn't forget to feed it to James.

James was very satisfied. He touched Lily's head, as if he was rewarding Lily.

In the end, Lily failed to eat all the food, while James only took a few bites. Lily saw that James didn't mind eating the food she had bitten into, and his face was a little hot.

After a walk in the campus, Lily and James walked arm in arm. It was natural and comfortable.

A gust of cold wind blew over. They looked like the most ordinary couple at the moment. When they quieted down, Lily felt that they were like old married couples, and they walked slowly without caring about the passage of time.

How difficult it is to live in the simplest way.

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