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   Chapter 117 Don't Make Me Wait Too Long

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No one knew who had lost in this competitive contest on the bed. Lily's memory of this morning was probably that they looked at each other and gasped. Their breathing intertwined, and nobody knew who would be faster.

The impression that left on James this morning was probably Lily's pure eyes. There was only him in them, and Lily's smooth and white skin, as well as the burning temperature of his own body. It was his desire for Lily's body. He didn't want to frighten Lily, so he tried her best to control himself.

Perhaps it was because James had touched her private place, Lily didn't want to wear home clothes anymore. She had to put on her daily clothes, buttoning every button and smoothing every crease.

But why did she feel naked in front of him? Lily started to fidget.

Looking at Lily, she frowned and bit her lips. James was in no mood to do anything else.

He came over to Lily and grabbed her hands before she ran away. Then he fastened one of her hands and lowered his head. He asked," what's wrong? Are you thinking about what happened this morning?"

"Ah! No... I didn't. " It seemed that the next second, James would kiss her again, Lily tried hard to shrink himself and stay quiet.

However, no matter how hard Lily tried to hide herself, she was always in James' arms.

After all, she was still a little girl. James thought he needed to talk to her.

"Lily. Tell me, okay? Do you care about what happened this morning? " James leaned over to face Lily, indicating that he would listen to her carefully.

Lily looked away and tried to avoid eye contact with him. Then she bit her lips unconsciously.

James sighed. It seemed that he had no other choice. James put both of his hands on Lily's shoulder and forced her to look at him.

"Lily. Speak out what you

ntently. When James reached her, she gave him the chips.

But James didn't care about it at all. He opened his mouth and ate it. "Carelessly" he even touched Lily's fingers.

The touch of his finger awakened her from her comic book. She turned around to look at James in surprise.

"It's delicious," James said to Lily with a smile.

Lily dropped her head shyly.

"Do you want to go out for fun?" James took the comic book in Lily's hand and casually turned a few pages.

"Play? Where are we going? " On hearing what James said, Lily worked up all of a sudden.

"We can go to anywhere you like." James put down her comic book and began to discuss with Lily seriously.

Lily thought of the roommates of Quincy and her classmates. They also thought that they would go to the amusement park or something like that when they fell in love. Now that she was with James, she also wanted to go there to experience the romantic atmosphere.

"Let's go to the amusement park!" There seemed to be light in Lily's eyes.

"Okay, let's go to the amusement park." James agreed.

As long as you are with me, it doesn't matter where you go. As long as I'm with you, everything becomes meaningful.

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