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   Chapter 114 The Party

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On the way to the villa, Quincy kept chatting with Lily, thinking that the time was too short. It seemed that they arrived there before long.

As soon as she got out of the car, Quincy was surprised. Before this, she had never deliberately inquired about Lily's families, but when she saw James, she knew that Lily's families must be unusual. But she did not expect it to be like this.

"Welcome to my home. Let's go." Lily held Quincy's hand and took her inside.

After they entered the villa, Lily asked Quincy to sit in the living room, and then she went to the kitchen to fetch juice for her. Then she sat down with her.

"Wow, your house is so big!" Quincy took a sip of the juice and looked around.

Lily just gave her a smile and said, "Let's go to my room. I have something to show you." Quincy put down the juice and followed Lily to her room upstairs.

"Wow, it looks like a girl's room," As soon as they entered the room, they saw a lot of pink. They could see a lot of cloth dolls everywhere. It was a standard girl's room. Quincy found a place to sit down, and picked up a doll to study.

"Well, come here." Lily took out a box from somewhere and opened it. After Quincy came over, she said, "Here are the comic books you gave me last time. I've seen all of them and saved them all. "

Quincy took one of them and said, "this is my favorite comic book. It's very interesting!" Speaking of this comic book, Quincy must be very proud of it. She had chased it for many years and collected all kinds of books. She had most of the masterpieces. Quincy wouldn't let them see it if they were anyone else, but Lily is different.

"It's so fascinating! I have seen them many times!" Lily smiled. Then she stood up, walked to her own wardrobe, opened it and called out to Quincy.

"Quincy, come here and pick a pajamas. You can take a shower first. I'll bring you some food." Lily finally came up with an idea that she ha

didn't mention it. Is she feeling better now? " Although Cleve was talking to James, he could see that his eyes were fixed on someone else.

"Okay." James' answer was brief and to the point.

Cleve turned around to cast a glance at James and said, "all right, all right. By the way, father and mother miss you. Go back to visit them. " Then he stood up and disappeared into the crowd.

Only James was left there alone. Looking at Cleve's back, he sank into deep thoughts, as if his brother had changed a lot.

After sitting for a while, James lost his patience and walked out. Before getting on the car, he asked someone to tell Charlotte that he was not feeling well and left.

On hearing the news, Charlotte just smiled without saying anything.

James was already on his way back, while Cleve was still talking with people at the party. They were both the sons of the Ling Family, but their personalities were totally different. Probably everyone would think that the two brothers are incompatible. After all, James had everything, but Cleve seemed to have nothing.

Maybe, it was because people's opportunities were different.

Lily often feels that her life is a kind of opportunity. Because she was lucky enough to be in the good graces of James, she led a life like this.

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