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   Chapter 113 Pick Up Quincy

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The medicines that were used for James were naturally the best. After several days of rest, the wound was almost healed, at least it wouldn't crack at will.

His injury was not a big deal, but now he was troubled by another issue.

He promised Charlotte that he would go to the party, but he didn't know who to take. The real thought in James' mind was to take Lily with him. He knew how beautiful Lily was, like the most attractive gem. He wanted to tell everyone that it was his Lily, but he couldn't.

He couldn't allow Lily to take the risk before he got what he wanted. In order to make her safety, he had to hide her at his side first.

On the other hand, when the party was about to begin, James suddenly called Lily, "I need to go out tonight. Can you stay at home alone? How about I call Lara over? "

"I can do it myself. You don't have to ask Lara," Lily didn't want to trouble Lara. After all, Lara was an old woman and always came to and fro like this. She was worried about her health.

After thinking for a while, James said, "well, let your friend come here. You haven't seen her for a long time. I will ask the driver to pick her up. "

"Quincy?" James was referring to Quincy. Indeed, Lily hadn't seen her for a long time. She really missed her. "Can she come over?" she asked

"Don't be silly. You are the hostess here now. You can do anything you want." James touched Lily's hair, and her hair was soft and smooth. It felt extremely comfortable when touching it.

Hearing the word "mistress", Lily felt a little shy, but the joy of seeing Quincy soon dispelled these shyness. "Okay... Can I pick her up? If the driver is the only one to go there, I'm afraid that she will think that he is a liar. If I go there, she will believe me. "

"It's not that bad. It depends on your attitude." James lowered his head and put his face in front of Lily. His intention was obvious.

In the past few days, James had launched a few sneak attacks on Lily. Lily was very familiar with his little affectatio

hless side, so she was somewhat afraid of James.

"He is busy tonight and Lara is not home. You haven't been to my house yet. How about taking this opportunity to pay a visit to my house? " Lily finally withdrew Quincy hand and took it up.

"That's a good idea, but I'll tell my roommates first, lest they worry about me." Then Quincy took out her phone and sent a message to her roommate. She had told her roommates that Quincy was not a girl who would mess around, and they also trusted her.

After that, Quincy and Lily get into the car, and once they get into the car, they can't stop talking.

After they left, a woman came to the place where they had just stood. She stood there in a gauze skirt. With the wind blowing, her long hair fluttering, the hemline fluttering. In the night, her figure looked like a ghost.

That person was Anne. Looking at the direction where Lily left, she said to herself, "Lillias, I underestimated you. You got rid of Amy easily, and you went back to school so soon. It seems that I have to prepare well for you. Lillias, you won't be so lucky next time. "

With a snort, Anne straightened her back and made her way to the dorm.

There would always be different attractions between people. For example, Quincy and Lily always sucked at each other, while she, Anne and Lillias just detested each other.

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