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   Chapter 111 the Simple Breakfast

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Lily slowly woke up at dawn. She was used to stretching when she woke up. But when she just wanted to stretch her hand, she was shocked and stiff all over her body. It seemed that she was in someone's arms. When she raised her head suddenly, she found that it was James.

It was at this time that Lily finally remembered that she seemed to have gradually fallen asleep last night. Last night, she had repeatedly reminded herself to change the dressing for his wound, but in the end, she had been sleeping soundly in his arms.

She didn't know how James' wound had been. Lily was very tangled at this time. On the one hand, she wanted to see his wound. On the other hand, she was very embarrassed. Although it was not her fault Lily looked at James. He was very quiet at the moment, showing no sign of waking up.

Lily breathed a sigh of relief. Since he was still in a coma, she just looked at him without any shame.

The first time she looked at him carefully like this was on this bed. At that time, Lily was barefoot. She ran into James's room at late night as if a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger. While now, Lily was only looking at James silently.

James was obviously 30 years old, but the years were really biased against him, time did not want to leave a trace on his face, he seemed to be just more mature, more charming. 'perhaps I'm lucky enough to be loved by such an excellent man, ' she thought.

It was summer, but the room was cool, covered with a quilt. It was warm to be held by him.

After holding on for a long time, Lily tried to take her hand out. As soon as she moved, she accidentally touched James' skin. Lily withdrew her hand again. Then she slowly pulled it out again, touching James's skin, back and forth, several times.

"If you keep doing this, I'll really be unable to stand it any more." At first, James wanted to see what this little girl would do, but he didn't expect that she did nothing. However, when she accidentally touch

fresh vegetables and fruits, but she didn't know how to cook. She also brought some fruits, maybe in this way she could make enough breakfast.

After taking a shower, James put on his night robe and walked downstairs. He was worried about Lily when he found that she was just going upstairs.

"Hey, you're up. The breakfast is ready! " Lily smiled to James.

As he walked downstairs, he peeped in the direction of the kitchen and said, "You must have been very careful to finish it so soon. What have you done?"

Lily touched her neck and felt a little embarrassed, "well... I was worried that you might be hungry, so I cooked a simple breakfast. But it is nutritious. "

After entering the dining room, James sat down and looked at the two pieces of bread, some fruits and the glass of milk on the plate. He not only didn't satirize Lily, but encouraged her by saying, "It's good, let's eat it."

They were eating bread and milk step by step. That should be the simplest breakfast Lily had ever seen since she lived in the villa. She stole a glance at James. Fortunately, he had been eating quietly, and there was no sign of impatience on his face.

It was quiet in the room. They finished their breakfast. He threw the bowls into the dishwasher and the breakfast was officially over. The simple breakfast.

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