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   Chapter 108 Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6314

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All of a sudden, his previously closed eyes opened. At the moment, he dared not blink again. He was afraid that he would find that everything was just his dream if he blinked his eyes.

His silence bewildered Lily. The small hand around his chest gently poked his strong abdominal muscles. However, James grabbed her wrist before she tried again.

"What did you say, Lillias?" If you didn't listen carefully, you would find that James's voice was as calm as usual, but in fact, it trembled.

She tried to withdraw her hand from his, but it seemed that he wouldn't let her go unless she gave him an answer.

"I said, I promise you." Lily repeated it in a low voice.

This time, James turned his face to her. Facing Lily, he was still holding her hand. "Lillias, you have no choice but to trust me." He was determined to love Lily. If he had had a taste of it, he would never think of the feeling of losing. Therefore, he would not let Lily leave him afterwards.

"Do you mean that you don't want me to promise you?" Lily misunderstood him.

"How could it be possible? Of course, I hope you will agree as well." In his tone, there was no difference from that of the young boy.

"Then why do you confirm with me again and again? Though I am younger than you, I can see things clearly and I have my own choice." She was not convinced. Before, James had always helped her make decisions. This time, when he asked her will, she had said it, but he still confirmed it repeatedly.

"I am just a little surprised." All of a sudden, James smiled.

"What's there to be surprised about. It was you who took the initiative. Last time, you kissed me and ran away. Then, you hid from me and said nothing. Finally, you came back. But you didn't tell me about it. You never ask for my opinion. If you think it is good, you give it to me. I have grown up. I can make many decisions on my own.

But now... Lily looked at his side face, wondering how James had placed his hand on her shoulder so naturally.

Luckily, Lara had called them out for dinner. Otherwise, Lily would have asked him.

Before dinner, James said to Lara.

"Lara, you can go home with Bill these days," It was not easy for them to get a chance to get close to each other. How could James, who was always powerful in the business world, not know how to strike while the iron is hot.

"Ah! Mr. James, did I do something wrong! Why do you suddenly ask us to go back? " The sudden news made Lara off guard.

"No, I'm not feeling well recently. I want to be quiet here." James found an excuse casually.

"Oh my God Okay, we'll come back a few days later. " It was quiet in the villa at ordinary times. But Lara didn't understand why James asked them to leave. After all, they didn't quarrel with each other. Although she couldn't understand why, but after all, James was the owner here, so she had to listen to him.

As for Lily who was beside him, she even felt ashamed and almost buried her face in the plate. Lara did not understand but Lily understood. Only James said such a lame excuse that others would believe him.

James was still sitting there with a calm face.

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