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   Chapter 107 I Agree

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6251

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"It's me, you... Are you awake? " Lily stood straight. She couldn't just leave like that. She had felt James's hot body through the quilt. 'it's too indifferent for me to leave like this, ' she thought.

Hearing Lily's words, James finally confirmed that he was not dreaming. He struggled to sit up and wanted to turn on the light. But the wound on his shoulder suddenly opened because of his struggle, which made him gasp.

Hearing his painful voice, Lily directly pounced on James, worried and scared. "What's wrong? Is the wound bleeding again? Don't move. "

It took a long while for James to recover from the pain. "I'm fine." after saying that, he struggled to sit up. The wound hurt, but he insisted. After sitting up for quite a while, he reached out to turn on the light.

When the light was on, Lily's face came into James's view clearly. There were worries and anxiousness on her face.

They just stared at each other. Lily felt embarrassed. Lily turned away her sight but still worried about James's wound. "How is your injury? Do you need me to call Dr. David over? "

"It doesn't matter. The wound might crack again. I'll apply some medicine on it." James was very clear about his wound.

"Well, I'll help you apply the medicine. I'll take the medicine box." Lily had promised to the doctor that she would put some medicine on James's wounds. Now that she had to do it, she would do it, even though she was in an awkward situation. She turned around to get the first aid kit and went back to the bedside. Under James's gaze, she slowly tidied up the medicine.

"You... Turn around... " Lily didn't dare to look at James's eye.

James directly turned his back to her.

After taking a deep breath, Lily stretched out her trembling hand and gently took off James's coat. Even so, when Lily's hand touched his skin accidentally, both of them wer

r she loved him or liked him. Only Lily's being with him could they be together forever.

There was no answer. James heard Lily's leaving footsteps, and the voice directly hit his heart.

There was no answer, but it had been answered. James closed his eyes and smiled with self-mockery. He had lived for so many years, but he was just laughed at himself for lack of restraint. He thought he was just like a teenager.

"Then I have to ask you something." To his surprise, Lily came back again. Although she was standing behind and James couldn't see her, he was still surprised that Lily didn't leave.

"Go ahead. I will answer all your questions," James's eyes were still closed.

"You... Why didn't you talk to me after you kissed me last time? "

"Well, probably I'm not confident about myself. I'm so eager to get it and I'm so afraid of losing it. I would rather stay alone than come back and get embarrassed with you." James was telling the truth.

Lily didn't say anything. The room was quiet.

James felt Lily was just behind him, sitting on the bed.


Lily wrapped her arms around James's waist from behind. She pressed her face against James's back and said in a voice that made him crazy——

"I promise you."

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