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   Chapter 106 James's Dream

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6683

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After walking downstairs, James asked Lara to bring some food. Before eating, he let Lily have a glass of milk. She took a sip while muttering in her mind, 'I usually drink milk before going to bed. Why do I have to drink it before dinner?'.

Lily could only eaten a little food. Besides, she had drank milk. When it was time to have dinner, she put down the chopsticks after only a few bites. Seeing the rice left in the bowl, James picked up some food with his chopsticks into Lily's bowl and said, "have some more. "

"I really can't eat any more. I drank too much milk just now." Lily felt a headache as she watched James pick up food for her. She didn't want to refuse his goodness, but she didn't want to eat too much.

"Have you left your good appetite in the town? Why did you eat so little since you came back? " As a matter of fact, James wanted Lily to eat more. He wanted to supplement her with nutritious food.

"Maybe I'm a little tired on the way," Lily thought that when she was in the small town, she ate every meal with two bowls full of rice. She was embarrassed, but James witnessed it with his own eyes.

"That's right. You should go upstairs to take a rest later. Did you sleep well last night? " There were only two of them in the morning. It was a rare chance for them to stay alone. Of course, James wanted to take advantage of it to tease Lily.

Lily looked at James. But James looked serious and seemed that he was not kidding at all. In this way, it was hard for Lily to answer. If she answered "well", didn't she enjoy his hug in a different way? 'if I say I don't sleep well, will he misunderstand that I hate him?' she wondered.

"Well... Not bad. " After thinking for a while, Lily gave a vague answer.

"That's good." Thankfully, James didn't continue the topic; otherwise, any explanation would make Lily blush.

After the meal, Lily went back to her own room to sleep. She hadn't touched the soft bed for a long time. After a while, Lily fell asleep.

to grab her, but as the screen turned into his own room, and Lily was at his side.

She was not obedient at all. James wanted to punish her even though he knew it was only a dream.

At the beginning, it seemed that he was no longer satisfied. Liking a tolerant tiger, no matter how good his patience was, his patience was polished. Gradually, he bit gently, and his right hand was constantly tightening. What he wanted was more than that. He frowned. He was impatient to tighten, but it was impossible for him to stop until he got what he wanted.

He opened her mouth and continued his kiss.

And then he depicted it bit by bit carefully, feeling her sweetness.

This was his Lily.

Lily came back to her senses. Lily withdrew her hand from James's forehead, and kept stepping back.

Sensing Lily's resistance, James stepped back. His voice sounded confused, as if he didn't understand why she had suddenly acted like this. "What's wrong? Why are you so resistant to me even in my dream? "

The silence was short.

Lily said with surprised and flustered tone, "you're not dreaming. I'm Lily."

Hearing Lily's words, it took a little while for James to come to his senses. When he regained his consciousness, he quickly withdrew his hands which were holding Lily and said in an extremely uncertain tone.


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