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   Chapter 103 Deal With James's Wounds

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6616

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David and Zelda had been waiting for James for a long time.

As soon as he saw James's car, David walked up to it and knocked on the window before he could get on. David didn't control the strength of his hand at all, and his anger was expressed directly without being concealed.

After David's knocking a few times, James lowered the window and David directly saw the coldness and impatience in James's eyes. 'I come to save him, he is still impatient and doesn't feel embarrassed about it.' Just as David wanted to open his mouth to speak, David found that there was another man in James's arms, and it was Lily. It seemed that Lily was still asleep so David said nothing more.

But at a closer look, David found something wrong. The clothes on Lily's body were James's at first sight. And then James, although he was wearing a coat, she was naked inside, and Lily was lying in his arms. All of a sudden, the expression on David's face changed. His face was totally written - "tut...tut... I can't see that you James are so crazy, you took her out for a trip but did these things to her before you took her back."

It seemed that David had forgotten that traveling was an idea he had given to James.

He opened the car window, the hot air outside rolled in and Lily woke up in a daze.

Before Lily could respond, James closed the car window. He turned to her and said, "we're here. I'll be back soon. Wait for me in the car." After he saw Lily nod, James opened the car door and got out of the car.

The moment he got out of the car, David couldn't help but "tut... tut..." After casting a glance at him, James walked a little sideways.

But David didn't stop talking, "well, you finally show your evil nature. " Zelda walked away. Hearing what David said and seeing the dress of James, she couldn't help but cough gently.

"You guys stay here to make contributions. You have nothing to do anyway." After giving the two men a cold glance, James began to get down to

shoulder might have been badly injured.

In order to take out the bullet, she had to dig into James's flesh. David hesitated as he looked at the wound.

Noticing that David didn't make a move for a long time, James said coldly, "you were the one who insisted that we should handle it? Afraid? My patience is limited. You'd better hurry up. "

David rolled his eyes. It seemed that he was wrong to have sympathy. Without hesitation, David started to sterilize the tool.

A cold knife pierced his flesh, and tweezers took over his flesh. But James didn't move.

Standing next to David, Zelda even dared not to breathe. Looking at David's serious face, he knew the situation was urgent. James stood still, but Zelda saw sweats on his forehead and his clenched fist.

This man was so strong and terrible.

After a long time, a bullet fell into the tray.

Finally, the bullet was removed from James's body. Relieved, David carefully bandaged the wound and cleaned the blood on his body.

Zelda fetched clean clothes for James. Seeing James put the clothes on, Zelda couldn't tell from his face that he was the man who had just taken out the bullets.

David wiped the sweat on his face and sat down. He was so tired just now.

As soon as James buttoned his shirt, he said in a low voice, "now, go home."

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